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I know some of you are sick of me posting streams. Someone has suggested that I create a thread to post the streams. The problem is, I am not tech savvy. Do you know how to create a thread? Any pointers would be helpful.

Thank you!

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I think it would be nice for this,

post a flight in #screenshots-and-videos and then, be like

Want to see the full flight? click here! and it takes you to the vid

but if you want to post streams that are live, i think it would be better to make a discord or slack or something to post your streams there, instead of the IFC

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Okay. I will post livestreams through youtube and possibly announce it through discord.

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Hi there! Streams are completely fine to be posted as individual topics, as long as they are posted the day of and follow the other category guidelines.

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Unfortunately, threads won’t be permitted. You’re more than welcome to make one topic per day in the #screenshots-and-videos category but you should not be updating that topic for each day after. If you check out the guidelines that Luca provided, it will provide you with what’s permitted and the limitation that are associated.


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