Making a Realistic Go-Around Procedure

Hey everyone!
Have you ever tried to make an approach using charts indications? Well as many of us know, those charts bring a huge quantity of information including go-around procedures. As STARs and SIDs are coming on the new update, my request is to have some assistance for pilots when been forced to discontinue the approach.
But what does this assistance consist of?
The assistance consists on having the possibility of opening the map, and be able to set a certain amount of fixes and holding patterns (not necessarily given by ATC) with a different color, in order to distinguish from the rest (and from the FPL). This waypoints, should be filed in the map prior to final approach.
It will look something like this:
Captura de Pantalla 2020-05-22 a la(s) 01.14.06


The red fixes are the instructions given by the Approach Chart in the Go-Around procedure.
The red oval, is the holding pattern in the fix detailed on the Chart.
The purple and white lines, represent the traditional IF map.

It’s important to know that ATC instructions have to be followed by pilots at ALL times, including when they disapprove flying into the established holding pattern (given by the chart).

Although its main objective is to follow the correct Go-Around procedure given by a real chart, it can be also used by pilots or ATC to mark on the map an specific fixes for orientation purposes (not only in approach). For example, when approaching SCEL (Santiago de Chile), you’ve got the Andes mountain to the east, and other mountains to the west making a valley, making hard to know for the controller where the high terrain is; well, with this fixes “pinned on the map” controllers can avoid sending traffic to that zones, and make their work way easier when too many traffic is incoming.
Also, please understand that this request doesn’t provide a mandatory use of charts, but creates an opportunity for those pilots who are looking for further realism on Infinite Flight.
I hope you can support my idea as I been thinking on it for a long time.

Btw sorry for my basic English haha; not my native language.