Making a new video

We are making a IF movie to say farewell to the 747 and need people to help us film the shots.
Our team
And few others that haven’t woken up yet

If you are interested DM me or @Rilej_aviation
If this isn’t a right topic I’m sorry mods can close


Plus it will be recorded with both Qantas (-400) and KLM (-200 and -400). PM me if you want more info on our video ;)

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What do you mean say farewell to the 747?

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A cool video that shows the history of the 747
@Rilej_aviation explain

But they aren’t like getting rid of the 74s?

They retired them

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They didn’t retire all of them because I still see them flying on Flightradar24. But I thought they were taking it out of the game for a second there. I might be able to help you guys. When are you doing this?

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We are doing this this moment so PM @Rilej_aviation saying you wanna join the video

@SahyaQFFlyer I see you escorting Misha’s mystery plane


I’m actually not but ok

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Hey I would join you but I am in a formation flight at the moment from Bogota to Auckland.

I love the 747s though so I hope they come out with a 747x or something and continue flying them as much as they used to.

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