making a new event series

Hello, I am looking forward to make an event series called “discovering the world”. Basically, in those events, we will go to airports with beautiful sceneries or not very big airports like EGAC, KFAR and many more. Those events will be taking place every week on Saturdays at 1200Z or 1100Z. And we will take off from the airport we last landed in.

So, are you guys interested?

  • Yes, I will be attending to those events.
  • No, I am not really interested.

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Hey @Georges180305,

If you are going to be doing long hauls, i suggest fly to EGAA not EGAC. Not even Ryanair and EasyJet Fly There, and in Belfast, all the long hauls are headed to EGAA.

Otherwise, nice idea you came up with, i might join!


Yeah you’re right but I still don’t know if I am going to make a long or short haul flight to Belfast.

Might depend,1100 and 1200Z are pretty good times,so there might be a high chance I will attend.


The poll is now closed. I will now be preparing those events. The first event should be next Saturday.

I just posted the next event. The route is NZQN to NZCH. Go check it out on the IFC.