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hi guys hopefully your having a great day but my question is I want to make another IF account just for safety reasons if anything happens with my @Delta21 account like I get banned or something on the line of that. And I have some violations on my account and am 4 days from getting to grade 5 which is a big pat on the back for me on getting to grade 5 and want to start fresh with zero violations since I know what I am doing know

Hi, can you be more specific in your question?

Users are not allowed to have duplicate accounts on the IFC. You can always purchase a second subscription if you’d like to start a new account in game, but I wouldn’t do that just to reset a few violations.

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Pretty much yes make a new account buy a new subscription and start all over I know what I am. doing in Expert server and want to have Zero violations

So your saying its not worth it making a new account just because of violations

No, really isn’t. If you’re on ES what effect are vios having on you? None really. It’s just number as it is. I mean if there were more obviously it would hinder your access to ES, but then that’s kinda the point so we can go around promoting the idea to just create a new account.

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Okay thanks for the Information I understand now

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