Making a Left/Right Traffic [POLL]

  • I know what this is
  • I don’t know what this is (reply below and I’ll explain it to you via PM)

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Surprisingly many people don’t know what right and left means is this game.


Who voted that they don’t know?

…and, wow! XD

A surprising number of people don’t know what “remaining in the pattern” means. Some even mix up left and right downwind.


oh god

I’m dumb and I actually don’t know at all, this pm could help me a lot to be honest

These should help to explain traffic patterns:

Traffic patterns is an important thing to know. You should be able to fly a traffic pattern well before flying on the advanced server. (It’s not too hard as long as you know your lefts and rights) try and visualise the pattern your flying in when on IF, this will help