Making a flyout

Hello! This is my first thread so I’m super excited! I couldn’t think of a better category (if you can, let me know) to put this in, so here it is.

For a while now I have been thinking about creating a flyout. I would do it at a well known airport that is hardly ever used (KATL, KMDW, KMCO, etc.). I understand the amount of time it takes to plan a flyout and before I do, I wanted to know if anyone would be interested (since it would be my first) Thanks!


I am interested! I would recommend contacting @Plane-Train-TV, @VAnuj, @Balloonchaser, or me if you need help making one, cause they make great events.


Detail attracts more people to your thread. Try looking at this thread for reference on how to fancy up your thread. Contact me if you’d like some help.

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Thanks! That means a lot

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Welcome to this forum! Great to have you! Good to you have some great ideas.

Creating an Event is quite an excercise; this forum has guidelines for this and if you browse the Events category you’ll find some great examples.

Don’t forget to check out the Tutorials section; it’s great!

In the mean time some info about this Forum:


I’d love for it to be in PVD… 😏

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I’m thinking a famous one

Tou are currently a member. You need to be a regular(tl2) to create an event.

This topic could nestle into a few categories but I’ve moved it to #general so that the community can provide some insight and guidance. By the way, we are glad to have you here and hope you enjoy your stay.

@Dylan_M has made a pretty successful event, so I think he’s good to contact

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@HadenJohnson TL2 is member, TL3 is regular, you only need member, Anyways, @Dylan_M , @Plane-Train-TV, @Balloonchaser and @Luke_Sta or me are people that I would reccomend you contact. Good luck :)


Hope your fly out turns out great :thumbsup:.

thanks! thats so nice

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You did see the question I asked you in your interview, right? Oh and your welcome ;)

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Thank you for the complements @WestJet737767 and @Dylan_M! I work extremely hard planning my events so it is great to hear positive feedback. Hello @JacksonAviation! I am so happy you joined the Infinite Flight Community! You have made a excellent choice that you will not regret. I would be more than happy to guide and help you create a flyout event! I would first personally look at the links the other members have supplied you with. All these links are very important and also a great way to guide you in the correct direction if you need help with your event. Please feel free to Private Message me if you need help creating your first event. I would be more than happy to help you and I will most definitely join!

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Heres’s one flyout that I am making. You might want to check it out for ideas.

Also, feel free to sign up! ^-^

Thank you! I love the community!

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Thank you! I will 100% need help but it’s good to know I can rely on people


I am officially staff for EygptAir VA so check it out! @Kamryn is the CEO of the VA so PM him if you have any questions about joining or to join. PM me with questions about future events!

We should do one at HECA for EgyptAir

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