Making a flight path

Does anyone know how to make a flight path that will choose all of the FIX things without you having to press every single one of do you have to click everyone?

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I normally use Flight Aware or SkyVector. I then copy and paste the route into the search box on the map. Hope this helps!

This is good to check out too:

Check out! It’s a tool created by a fellow moderator. It takes routes from SimBrief and FlightAware and converts it to a format that can be used in Infinite Flight. You get the flight plan and just copy it to Infinite Flight 😊


I use IF Flightplan tools and you can make waypoints anywhere you want allowing for 100% custom flight plans. Here is one I made just now

it my soon to be va’s logo

I used to use FPLtoIF, but now I’ve gone back to Simbrief. If you’re looking for it to be a legitimate “legal” flight plan, then Simbrief is the service you want to use. You can select the Delta Air Lines (DAL) Operational Flight Plan and within that PDF packet there is a part that says “fix list”. From there, you can copy-paste all the fixes without FPLtoIF and as a result, your flight plan will be more accurate because I believe FPLtoIF runs on a somewhat outdated AIRAC cycle and converts NDBs for GPS coordinates regardless of the dataset.

I tend to copy-paste from the fix list, but only the routing in-between the SID and STAR. Then in Infinite Flight, I will add the SID, paste the routing, and add the STAR, and that’s how I will get my flight plan.


I usually use flightplandatabase as my website go to

I use FlightPlanDataBase for flights of 6 hrs or less. Then I use Simbrief for flights of 7+ hrs. I mainly use Simbrief because it has the fuel and automatically makes your flight plan and chooses your SID and STARS.

I reccomend using foreflight, with this app you get to make you own flightplan and what’s amazing is you get to see the weather, wind (adjustable altitude), fixes, waypoints and many more!

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