Making a 360

Hey guys just wondering here how to make a 360 when arc tells you. I just keep putting in like turn 20 then 70,then 100 etc is there anyway I can just tap an button and it will keep doing 360’s?

There should be a button, yes. If not, you can just use AP.

Unfortunately you have to hand-fly holds at the moment.

No, you either have to use the AP or hand-fly the 360 turn. If you wanna use the AP, the easiest way to do it would be with 179 degree turns. (If current heading is 0: 0 to 179, 179 to 358)

When ATC tells you to do a 360, you should only make it once. It is different from a hold. Once you made the 360, you can continue with your flight path or follow previously given instructions.

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