Make Your Own Custom Airliner!

So I was thinking about things that Infinite flight could add to benefit them and satisfy the players on it. That is when I came up with custom airlines. So, here is how it would work:

1: On the home screen, players would have an option under Air Traffic control saying ‘Custom Airliner’.
2: Once the player has pressed on it, they will be taken to a page. If the player hasn’t already purchased a Custom Airline slot, they will have to pay a fixed amount which I will leave up to the creators at Infinite Flight.
3: After the player has made their purchase for a Custom Airliner slot, they will once again, be taken to a page. On this page, it will show all the aircraft they have access to in normal game. From there, the player can select what model of aircraft they want to edit (e.g. if you have purchased a 737 dream liner, you can edit it).
4: The livery of the chosen aircraft will be generic and they will have different options for custom jobs. For example, there could be a paint brush or spray can to paint the plane in what colour they prefer. Then if they wanted, they could add text to it (A text filter would be required to stop inappropriate words and language) There could be way more customisation with this which is why it makes it such a good idea. For example, you could colour the gear and make a logo for the tail.

Once the player clicks save, there can be a message saying ‘You cannot make any changes to this slot once it is saved. Are you sure you are ready to leave the factory?’ Once the player presses Yes, whenever they want to fly, they pick their aircraft and at the bottom will be all the custom liveries they have made. You cannot go back and edit airliners you have already made so you would need to purchase a new slot or you could have monthly subscriptions where you can have unlimited slots if you had a 1 year subscription.

This can also be used to develop Infinite Flight even more. Players can make realistic airlines and send them in to Infinite Flight. There could be competitions every month for the best realistic aircraft and the winners could get 1 month live for example. If players send in their very realistic liveries, Infinite flight could actually add them into the game if they didn’t have them already (for example, if someone made a Ryanair, they could send it in and if it was good enough, it could be added in a new update) I personally think it is a great idea and it can get Infinite Flight a bigger and broader range of players to join the community. Thank you.


Thanks for your ideas and feedback. With this being a primarily realism based simulator, we’ll be sticking with real-world airlines for the foreseeable future.

Also, the #developer category is for contributors only - this type of post is more suited to #features when you reach trust level 2.