Make your IF experience more realistic at no cost

So currently I am in Turkish Airlines VA so therefore I fly Turkish Airlines aircrafts on IF.
This is what I do to make my experience more realistic!

I play the boarding music for TK when I spawn in and filing my flight plan and initial settings etc.
There are (2) 2017 one’s currently for Turkish. ( I pick the 1st one most of the time since I like it more)

Right after I am done with that, I play a recorded file (Depending on the weather) that has my saying

“Welcome Aboard, This is your Captain Mr.Ahmed speaking. The weather is clear today and expecting little to no turbulence. If there is anything you need ask your flight attendant for assistance. Relax and enjoy your flight.”

Then when pushback is approved and I am starting to pushback I play the Turkish Airlines Safety Video.
(It should be finished by the time you are finished taxiing)

After that I proceed as normal till I reach my destination.

In landing, I play the Boarding music again. And also I play a voice recorded file of me saying " I hope you enjoyed your flight with Turkish Airlines today and I look forward to seeing you aboard again! Thank You."

You can tailor it to your airline and suit your needs. Please comment if you want to be more creative or have suggestions. I would love to hear them!


Btw please dont take down this post AS I AM NOT trying to advertise Turkish Airlines. I am in Turkish VA therefore I used to them ONLY that reason!

Have a drunk person get kicked off the plane. Makes it more interesting


seen that before lol

Or just keep them on and see how it goes


Happy anniversary Kevin!

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After watching it this came up 😂

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Thanks a bunch Seb!!!

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Great idea, when I go on a flight I have my gf sit there and listen to a brief, then have her look at the TV(I mirror my device to a TV) and show her around IF lol

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I do the same with British Airways. Your not the first one. (I mean that in the least rude way as possible.)

It’s always great to see people trying to make this sim as real as possible.

Whilst I don’t run any vids I do a ‘walk around’ before boarding my aircraft to file a flight plan as well as use basic check lists. Small things all add up to help make it fun!

There was no boarding music at all on my GRU-IST flight with Turkish Airlines… :/

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