Make way, A320 into EDDM

Today I did a solo flight from EGKK to EDDM I set visibility low and was practicing my low visibility landings with APPR. As always, I enjoyed my wingflex. :)

server: n/a
time: today
route: EGKK -> EDDM

Beginning descent to EDDM into thick fog

Deploying gear

Cockpit view just before landing runway 08R

The A320 looking pretty cool 😎 nicce wingflex too

To my own surprise, I landed very smoothly on 08R. I am actually pleased with myself.

"I was seeing white over white" My aircraft appeared out of nowhere in thr thick fog

Thanks for looking at my pictures.

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Nice shots! I love the fog. No. 6 was my favorite!πŸ‘

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Nice CATII/III landing you just did there! Great shots as well! πŸ‘

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Thanks guys

Wow! I love picture 6 😍

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Pretty good joke from β€˜you can always go around’ seeing red over red and white over white