Make vors and fixes seen without zooming in so close

The title makes my point. I’d like to see at least the VORs and or Fixes when you would zoom out on the Map when planning a flight. It’ll make it easier to navigate.

Thought about this during testing as well, it would be really helpful were fixes/vors are sparse


That is true. I use simbrief to plan my flights but still when I have to find a fixes or VORs I hate zooming in So Close just to see them I completely lose reference to where I am.

We do plan to completely redo our map; we will make things better when we do.


Thats great to hear. Thanks

This feature is actually really handy as ATC too. If you want to issue holds, you can’t really now since you can’t even see the VORS to be able to issue it. To reduce clutter and i guess make it less laggy, maybe we could select specific ones we want to see.