Make up a fake airline and we’ll draw it for you!

Hi guys,
If you suggest a name for an fake airline, we’ll draw it!

Put your suggestions below ;)

(P.s please don’t choose any rude or offensive names we will not draw it)

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Air Sheep

Airline for all good sheep out there

We strive ourselves on equality for sheep


I’ll start now! Should be up soon

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If it’s for fake airlines I don’t think it should be in #real-world-aviation, not entirely sure though.

Also, I can see where this thread is going, people are going to make ‘noodle airlines’ etc. This’ll be a fun topic to watch evolve.


oh I have one!

World Air, the airline that brings you there and back!
an international aircraft for this one

Yea I don’t know I just thought it was the most sensible place to put it

maybe general would be better. this topic dosent really fit in with the other things

I’ll move it now. :)

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Air Donkeys
Air travel for all the DONKEYS of he world


Yeah… not happening.


Make up a topic and we’ll close it for you