Make the runway idle violation longer

So yesterday at ksfo the tower told me to line up and waitas it was busy. I was using the open 10’s and the orange 28’s were used for landing. I had to sit for like 2-3 minutes waiting for clearance then the runway idle violation came up, good thing that as soon as it popped up tower went offline. Which was a relief because I went full power in the 757.

Is it the towers fault?

Can you make this longer in case it’s busy at an airport?

The violations purpose is to stop you from blocking the runway. In my opinion, a better idea would be to have the violation only when ATC is not present. Of course this would only be on Expert. Just my idea.


I agree with Sasha and we could have a report reason if the user is in the runway for a long time.

if he’s interfering the controller.


You shouldn’t receive the runway idle violation if you were instructed to line up and wait. The ‘hold short of runway xx’ command means do not enter the runway, which is probably why you received a notification. Be careful to pay attention to ATC commands. Entering an active runway without permission is likely to end up in a level 3 violation.

Oops, I meant line up and wait


You have my support ❤

I voted for your cause 😀

Is a level 3. You get a mandatory vacation


If you were issued a line up and wait command, then you shouldn’t of recieved the notification.

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But I did.

You mean tuesday? that’s when KSFO was opened

But the op said he was instructed to line up?

Was this on Expert Server or Training Server? I know that rule isn’t affected on the Expert Server. I had to sit on a runway for over 5 minutes before with no warning

Yes, Im just clarifying him up :)

TS xtra xtra xtra

This sounds like a great idea!

Now I see why. I believe that rule is still upheld on the training server so that pilots don’t troll controllers. TS controllers can’t report, so they would just have to see a plane blocking their runway

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But can they make it longer if it’s busy?

Didn’t he say he was instructed to" line up and wait"
not hold short. Did I read his post wrong, hmm🤔

It was changed from the original post.

If there is ATC at an airport and they don’t clear you for takeoff as yet but you are on the runway, it does not record it.