Make the plane "crash" if the engine touches the runway!

I made an A330-300 landing in Kuala Lumpur with 18 knots wind headed towards me, and it was successful. But when I saw the Replay, I noticed that the engine did touch the runway, but not even a single scratch showed up. So, for the sake of being much more realistic, could the devs make the plane “crash” when the engine also touches the ground? And what is your opinion?


No. I could assure you that most people would do nothing but crash.

If the engines touched the runway you are landing in the wrong way. This isn’t a crash simulator, but a flight simulator.


This is a Simulator, not a plane crash game. The developers have said this will not happen.


Oh, maybe they could at least make a scratch or two show up.


Is that really what you want the devs to spend their time on, instead of global?

You aren’t supposed to get scratches…


This will encourage people to smash their planes every time…

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Not exactly. After global is done, they could do this as a side project. Pretty much like a side dish. :-)

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Global will never be “done”, it will always be something to do. And as Bruno said, I’m not entierly sure why you want people to crash their planes.


I don’t want people to smash their planes. I want people to have something to show where they went wrong or how unstable they were in their landings.

I can see the benefit in this. People will try to land better if they fail.


When engines touch the runway, even a little hard, they will most likely be scratched, crushed or fall off. I don’t agree with adding this, but I do understand it would add a small amount of realism. And also at the moment, when you tailstrike it comes up with the “crash” screen. IRL this probably wouldn’t happen.

it would be cool to add better mechanics with how planes interact with other planes and ground maybe they will do this when 3D buildings come (if they come) (they did say 3D buildings are likely) as the current system is a bit unrealistic but of course the is not a key part of the sim but still is part of it

There’s no point adding a feature that you have to do the wrong thing to use.


I can understand the sim registering the contact with the engine and ‘ending the flight’ or ‘displaying the crash screen’ so you don’t get the landing XP and statistics etc, I would’ve thought that already existed but obviously not?

As far as the graphics and visual effects of damage to the engine / fuselage etc, what a complete waste of time. You shouldn’t be crashing, shouldn’t be proud of crashing, and shouldn’t be admiring your crash afterwards. And even if you were, implementing all of these different crash and damage visuals so you can look at it for 5 seconds afterwards before exiting? You can’t even use replay in live mode so that’s out the window.

Why would you want this? Let’s accentuate the positive. There is no need to gloat over people’s learning.


Bruh, its a sim. Many people especially in casual and TS1 wouldn’t like it. It will be seen as an anti-noob feature. Expert server may use this.

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Shhhhhhhhhhh don’t tell the devs


Go download BeamNG and use that for your crashes. Let FDS Focus on their priorities


We will focus on the flying aspect of the simulator, not crashing. Something like this would require many hours that could be spent on features that improve the flying experience.