Make the non live subscription area for Los Angeles bigger

Everyone has a certain amount of votes, it depends on your trust level.

Why wouldn’t they be able to do it? There is literally no reason why it is impossible, because it’s not.

I like the idea and fully support it. It would be better this way, so then we can do a full real route.


I don’t see why they can’t extend it*

For TL2, I think it is 10, correct me if I’m wrong

They want people to only vote for topics that they really really want in the game, rather than people vote for every single thing, because they would

I’m talking about I don’t know why they can’t extend it, not the vote count lol

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Feel free to share your idea(s) in the existing feature request. Thanks!


All in all, however, I do think this is a good idea, I just don’t have any votes left

I’d perrsonally love for it to extend to at least half of Nevada or Arizona around there.

Isn’t KSFO - KLAX a real route?


But I’m not asking for more airspace’s, just a small extension

Last I checked they weren’t connected… maybe that’s because I have had pro for a while 😂

Yea it is lol

So is klas-klax

That’s what I thought, when I started out, the area was smaller, from what I know it has gotten bigger, but I’ve had pro for such a long time that I don’t even know


That’s the thing.
We merged NorCal + SoCal + the space in between a few months ago. Making two regions, one region… and enlargened it by including the space in between.


So specifically, which hub airports are actually in the non-pro subscription?

But it’s just a very very very verryyyyyyyyyy small space extended

Oh sweet 🙂

Please refer to the comments left by Seb here: