Make the minimum grade of PG to grade 3

I have had a very nice time in advance flying from lhr to Birmingham and it was greate until about to leave Birmingham atc closed and the next thing I had an aircraft go through me and then after take off one disided to fly and follow me so close I could almost smell his breath. It reminded me of playground. The silly one was like me a grade 3. It goes to show you it happens everywhere.

My one question:

If this was to happen, how would grade 1 or 2 learn ATC?

That’s my bit, Oli out!


Haha i ❤ your sense of humour…;) back on topic

Tutorials menu on the app page.

I miss the old standing system in a way so people grow up from FF(Gr. 1/0-80% standing) to PG(Now Grade 1 but requesting to be 2/3 /80-99% standing) and advanced(Grade 3/100% standing). The system should climb like a ladder just like before

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In a way I sort of miss it as well.

With the new update, sometimes you just accidentally get a violation, than your stuffed.

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yes I agree I miss that system, it helped you develop before being able to move on to an ‘advanced’ server.

Also meant I started off on live on smaller aircraft as well asdidnt have the standing to enter Cat B airfields, that needs to be brought back again as well!


Ok so how many times do ppl have to say this but if you want a realistic experience fly on advanced you are grade 3 anyway.

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to train is exactly the point…yes there are those that do train in PG but for the most part the pilots in PG have it looking like Free Flight. I completely agree that training is the reason for Playground but come on… that is not how it is being used.

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