Make the minimum grade of PG to grade 3

id rather see that for advanced

Or we could do it like tutorials in typical games…

Please hold short of the runway: Plane stops before runway = PASS

Please line up on the runway: Plane taxis on to runway and stops for at least 5 or 10 seconds = PASS

Please takeoff: Plane takes off = PASS

Please takeoff immediately: Plane takes off within specified time = PASS

How’s this? Will require a lot of work but I’m just joining in with the discussion :)

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The advanced server already has quite a high grade in my opinion so you would know what most things mean and if you don’t listen you van be ghosted unfortunately when you are controlling and it’s busy the amount of people that don’t know what to do when you say line up and wait is astonomical, the clue is in the word 😂

I’ve got a question for all the people who think the system is just fine the way it is.

If it is just fine, which it isn’t, why do you think there’s so much discussion going on about it?
If the current system were just fine, which it isn’t, there wouldn’t be so many unhappy people.


Nicely said… Sometimes I guess they just think it’s ok in their opinion or they just don’t really care about the problem… Anyway, I now agree that we should do something about this…


Yes I agree, increaisng it to grade 3 though would be pointless as that’s the grade in which you unlock advanced, and if you increase the advanced grade to counteract that then it would be unfair as there are many grade 3 and 2 pilots who actually know why they are doing. As I always say maybe a simple test for the pilots buitl in the game

That’s why I opted for Grade 2 to get on ATC Playground long ago.


It’s just a shame that almost all of the ideas and suggestions posted here will never make it to the actual app.
Like I said, the devs have their own plans and priorities. They will do what they think is best and they have to make their business model work.
Caring about what being posted here is not on their list.
So arguing about it is even more futile.

Let’s just wait and see what they will change with the next update.


I guess at some point of time, they’ll still pop by to check out feasible feature requests and consider them :)

There’s not enough time to keep up with the forum, let alone check it once in a while and scan it all. :)
I don’t see it happening.

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That is true… Especially with the never ending influx of new requests everyday…

Yeah as a new player who’s really just fallen in love with ATC I’m finding it a great way to train even though I’m just level 2. Also the nimrods who try to take off early or the usual not following the pattern actually makes it more interesting since I’m having to direct around it. Finally if you’re having a lot of trouble I’d do ATC in KPSP. It gets less aircraft and they usually follow the instructions more then at KLAX which can make for a more enjoyable experience.



Not Grade 3. 2 should be enough


The thing is that ATC Playground also deserves great pilots so that others, both controllers and pilots, can really learn.
When Advanced pilots stay away from ATC PG because of the pilots who ruin it for others, there is a problem.
I’d like to help others learn. But having others going right through me several times, I couldn’t stand it anymore.
That shouldn’t be the case and should be solved.

I see…hmm saying it like my grandfather…Back in the day’s before i joined live…the system that was there IMHO was better.I knew nothing about atc live or all that staff…absolutely nothing…so what did i do¿…i went online,did some research that includes the IF support site which i believe has everything you need to know_pattern work,what’s line up and wait,you know!all that live staff atc communications_ then BOOM!i got a .subscription and KHAF! there i was! _can’t recall if there were grades back then _the good old times but anyway in my cessna i knew i wasn’t supposed to land in a class B airspace(just next.KSFO…with the tempting traffic i wanted to fly in…so Beautiful!!well organised remember its free flight server) basing on my prior knowledge on what was expected about my “status” a newbie that is…and you know what! I respected that!and that’s what i think it made me what i am right now not forgetting the many mature players on Advanced…and what is it that is happening now…OMG i can’t even explain!¿anyway that’s MHO and that’s why i think this needs to be given more attention of some sort than it currently does…my respect


I want to fly advanced… I’m only grade 3.

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I believe you wouldn’t be saying that if PG and Advanced offered the same or rather almost the same professional standards ;)


We all started on Playground, there is no use complaining again and again about the “nimrods”. If you see one, report it. If you don’t want to deal with them, go to Paris and fly there.

The solution could be the implementation of the forum tutorials from Tyler Shelton, Mark Denton and Aernout into the app, they could be separated as “ATC Tutorials” and “Pilot Tutorials”.


Even though my opinion won’t be appreciated because of the little ‘moment’, I am against the idea, I feel playground is for ‘Playing’ around (not truly playing but for those that want to check out ATC for the first time, it’s nice not to have all those strict rules). Even if you make the minimal grade higher there will always be veteran trolls that continue.