Make the minimum grade of PG to grade 3


I think we Need to make the mimimum grade for PG grade 3. WHY!! Because must ppl that don’t listen are grade 1 and 2 they have no idea what they do, so they first must train on the FF server, just like bevore!

If you have questions, and crietiemse just reply.

Thanks! Dylan


Oh my… First it’s about tests for PG server and now this… I just think if you hate it so much, (yes it’s annoying to see this but)

Please just fly on Advanced…


The system works fine for now.


No. As I said before:

#fly on advanced.


I thought the whole point of PG was for both pilots and ATC to train? (please correct me if I am wrong) so what is the huge problem people have when someone makes a mistake? It’s for training, that’s where mistakes are made. It doesn’t matter what grade you if you’re a nimrod you’re a nimrod. I’m grade 4 and should I wish to ignore all commands on PG and fly like a nimrod I can so raising the grades wouldn’t help in the slightest. Like many before me have said on these topics and I’m sure many will after, fly advanced my friend fly advanced!!


If this happens, please bump Advanced’s minimum grade to 4.


I want it like bevore and

I know everyone likes it to say "FLY ADV" but no!

Bevore you first has to fly FF and then PG it should be like that again
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Training for ATCs, and it should be like bevore first pilots fly on FF zorgen PG

This guy is totally right…the difference that i suppose is to be between PG and advanced is only Ghosting…and I mean only ghosting…just because it’s PG doesn’t suppose to mean its a Mess up server no…it’s a training server For God’s sake…we have to have some level of maturity… Or may i ask you something¿what did you ever do while training for that ppl or driving licence or whatever…did you just fly around like a Nimrod or crash it other people’s cars because you’re training ¿sometimes advanced doesn’t have the traffic people want to fly in…so please in all due respect stop saying fly in advanced…"where i mostly do"and try to work on a constructive way to try and find a solution to atleast foward to the devs…isn’t that why we are a community ¿


When I started you had to start in free flight and that is where I leaned the basic fiying and control of the plane.I remember I was quite nerves about going to play ground as I did not want to muck up and spoil it for others. How things have changed. Now straight in before you know what your doing.


So just change it back is my plan.
But Ok Some ppl that are grade 1 and want to Mess up PG like nickchan don’t want this because then they can’t troll and make IF stupid, because that is al they want

Best statement ever!!

That is the whole issue here.

People don’t listen. What’s worse is that people don’t want to listen and they don’t care.
Therefore nothing will change. EVER!

This community is a great place to exchange information.
Don’t kid yourself thinking that ideas are well received here.
Like I said: people don’t listen and don’t care. That includes the devs.
The devs do what they want to do anyway. And so it should be. But don’t let people think that posting ideas here is useful when it clearly isn’t.

I’m done now.


This is off-topic as well, but all the negativity is the reason I stopped creating topics.
It’s something I can absolutely do without.

I know that people have different opinions and so they should.
But the need that many people here seem to have to turn everything into a negative discussion and to burn others to the ground is just sad.

Immaturity rules! :(


You are so funny!! :)


I know that! That’s what’s so funny! :D


Wauw guys hahaha 😂

I just had to delete over 30 replies. Next person to continue the argument on this thread will get a formal warning (:



I just love yellow posts!

Wanted to end on a positive note! ;)


So true 😂😂

I think maybe their could be a test built into the actual game for when you first go on the playground server using your own account and it literally could consist of one question what does line up and wait mean obviously it will be multiple choic and they can’t go on the server until they get it right 😂, I can’t believe how you ain’t know what that means the clue is in the word