Make the aircraft accessible according to the level, the grade we have IF

Hello everyone, I had an idea that I would share with you.

IF is a very well organized good mobile simulator, with rules like violations or ghosts that make you have fun while staying serious.

But maybe some of us will have noticed, that there are a lot of rules on the simulator itself except on the access to the planes which for my part is sorely lacking.

For example, a new player can have access to all the planes without mastering any of them, even if he has grade 1100 XP and 1000 violations in (exaggeration of course).

Good idea is that the planes in the simulator are classified by class of aircraft as for airports, that a simplified technical sheet are placed near them, that they are accessible by certain grades such as for example, certain planes military can be used only from grade 3.

Concerning pilots, access to certain planes will be accessible according to their ranks and their statistics for example: a new one will have access only to light planes such as the Cesna 172, the cirus etc … Obviously this is to say that all the planes will come back paying no! But in my opinion, this will allow better organization of access to planes.

Finally it is an idea I had, and in my opinion it will make IF better structured, please I await your comments and arguments either in favor or against this idea thank you.

I heard well?

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I mean people pay te get all the planes available to them. Restricting that wouldn’t be much fun for new players…


A grade 1 pilot is paying just as much as a grade 5, that would be low key unfair if aircrafts would be restricted

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Like said by @Toon, restricting it wouldn’t be fun for new players.

People pay for a subscription for benefits. All aircraft is one of them.


The way you can do this is in a VA, or VO, restricted to your certain rank, completely by your decision to join the group and follow the rules.

We don’t want to restrict people from having access to all aircraft when actively paying for a subscription.


People are already paying for a subscription, I don’t think limiting planes would be a good market strategy.

For example, let’s say that the free planes are grade 1 only planes, people would get bored quickly and would probably leave the game for xPlane (<—— Funny)


I have the impression that you did not understand the subject, the idea is that the
more complex planes should be used by more experienced players, it is not as if going up in rank and experience was complicated on IF.

For example the higher you go up in rank, the more you can fly larger planes.

Quite simply - it’s a no from me.

Imagine paying €10/£10/$10 a month, not being able to access IF as much as you like due to work, working away, deployments without internet at all and being RESTRICTED by this type of thing?

I pay my sub through pure devotion knowing I dont fly my monies worth, my grade sits at 3 and rarely fluctuates any higher. Imagine taking this escape from the real world away from someone like me?

Sorry, but it’s a poor idea.


No from me too.

The $9.99 are the keys to all the aircraft ;)

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This is a really bad idea. If someone pays that much money per month or year, they should be able to have access to all of the aircraft. I get what your talking about, but having it based on grade is also a bad idea. There could grade 5 pilot that isn’t professional and a grade 1 pilot that is extremely professional.

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This won’t happen, sorry!