Make the 737 Free

It would be a nice experience to have free access to the Boeing 737-800. Yes it is included in the Pro Subscription, but it is one of the most recognizable planes out there and everyone has to have a chance to fly it. The 737-700 is free, but it is an older plane and is historical and therefore it should be the one that should be in the pro subscription, not the 737-800.
I try to avoid paying for subscriptions because the developers (developers for other simulators ) takes most of my money and it’s robbery. I hope the 737-800 can be free one day eventually, but I have to wait until it never comes.

The developers have to include some aircraft in the pro subscription, and unfortunately the 737-800 is one of those. The developers have to pay for the servers and other services they are provided with, if they did not have a pro subscription the developers would not be able to pay the costs associated with the use of these third-party services.

Without pro, you still have access to the 737-700, which has all the features of the -800, and a great selection of liveries. Sorry, but it’s unlikely that this will happen any time soon.


Also, this should be in #general.

The more popular aircraft will always be the ones that are paid. People are more likely to spend money on their favourite plane or a popular one. So, making a popular plane paid wouldn’t surprise me.

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Also the 737 was reworked

The Devs spent a large amount of money reworking this, and running servers ect

So I think they would want it to be not free

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Both the -700 and -800 are in active service around the world, not quite sure how it classes as “Historical”.

When you say the B737 is older, yes it is, by a few months. First flight of the -700 was on February 9, 1997 and the first flight of the -800 was on July 31, 1997. They are basically the same aircraft so switching them would make little sense.