Make sub categories for events on expert server.

I am sick and tired of seeing a cool event that I want to do but it is on the dumb expert server. Dont tell me to just wait and rank up to expert I don’t have the time to do that. I am proposing different categories for the different events on different servers. So I don’t have to look everywhere for a TS1 or casual event.


Well FNF (Friday Night Flight) and Turbluence Tuesday are All Server choice. I don’t really understand what you are trying to say?

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I think he wants sub categories in the #live:events category for events on the Expert server, Training, And Casual. I personally think that it is way too many categories and sub-categories


There are tons of events that place on TS and CS that are the same type as the ones found on Expert. Fly-out, Fly-in, Landing competitions… and etc…

And i’m sure you’ll find something that is fun to participate in, i’ve been on many TS events in the past, just as fun as those on Expert. I still get to fly those i know here on IFC :)


Well, the reason for those “dumb expert server events” are to make sure that people have at least some ounce of maturity during flights. Some people want professionalism in their events.
So, yes, we will keep telling you to simply rank up. If you continuously fly, do touch & gos, and avoid violations, you’ll get up to Grade 3 eventually. It’s not very hard. Grade 4 and 5 requires “maintenance”. Grade 3 just requires flight.
Is it very hard to go through events and find one on the casual/TS1 server? The 3rd event is on Training.
Having a sub-category in a sub-category seems a bit unnecessary.


Seems a bit unnecessary since all you have to do is a little bit of reading to figure out which server. Also bashing on the expert server isn’t really going to get you anywhere.Just a word of advice.


Now that I am seeing on what you’re saying, this would clog up the categories and subcategories wayyy too much. There are always new and different events for all servers. And as a few people have said up above about this… We’re sure that you will find a good or great event that is just right. (Although I don’t participate in events because I just don’t.)


I would love to give an idea. Get yourself to expert then you won’t have to worry


Next time you make a topic, please construct your “proposal” or ‘idea’ in a friendly manner. Having words like “dumb” and sentences with “don’t tell me” in your idea proposal comes across quite agressive in nature, immediately turning people off your idea. Try being more positive!

Any questions, don’t hesitate to contact myself or another moderator. :) thanks!