Make Pro or some Aircraft free

Hi Guys!

Before I begin I would like to make it clear that I am in no way having a go at IF or it’s staff!!

But why can’t they make: pro, aircraft or airports free? I know they are a profit organisation but why can’t they do this?

I’d like to stress that I’m once again not having a go and just want a genuine conversation…

Thanks guys!


This is exactly the reason. Everything in IF costs money. Developing aircraft, scenery, updates, everything.

There is already a free version without global and limited aircraft should you want to try the simulator out.

Having a free model would likely deter people away from buying pro. Currently, as it stands, it’s a pretty good deal for the amount of content you get. Fully werf.


Yeah, good point there actually, thank you!

Because the things they have that cost money are things that potential customers may catch their eyes onto and therefore purchasing a subscription to obtain those items.

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Roger, understood!

Everything costs money and without it Infinite flight wouldn’t be able to support and create incredible ideas or even be able to operate.

Yesss, this is one word to describe IF tho 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Remember: they are a company, in order to survive they need to make a profit! They have staff to pay, the scenery they use isn’t free and they have to pay for it etc.

All this isn’t free so they make there money by charging you for Infinite Flight Pro.

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Ahh ok! Thanks :)

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Adding to the comments above me, when something is free, is because YOU are the profit. For example, google is completely free, but is full of ads and share our information to companies/organizations.

Let’s just talk about PRO, since having Pro-only aircraft, airports and stuff is an insentive for people to buy PRO.
First an aircraft needs to be developed by several people who do it full time. Then it needs to be coded by people who program IF for a living. After the aircraft is complete, it is placed on a content delivery network, which caches frequently used assets so that people get faster loading times, as the CDN’s servers are closer to them than the one IF has. After that let’s say that you start a flight: all that aircraft info goes through the CDN for you to download it, after which the game also loads stuff like elevation and scenery from the same CDN. And in case you’re flying in live, it keeps you connected to the servers so that you can receive information. Moreover, for your convenience select people can access the data from the servers, which they wrap into stuff like flight trackers. After you finished your flight, you log onto IFC, which is also hosted by IF. And if that wasn’t enough, you can also get to know the team on in-person meetups.

So answering your question, the problem with making stuff free is that every single thing above costs money that they need to cover for.


Thank you!

Apart all the good reasons explained by the other community members: where is the difference between paying for something to eat ,or a service you get delivered by someone. You get something. You owe something. Life’s so simple :)

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I wonder if IF would be able to finance some costs if the placed advertisements in the 3D airports. I for sure won’t mind seeing HSBC aerobridges or some appropriately-sized billboard with advertisements on it!


Yessss! There’s an idea!

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