Make Ontario international (KONT) busy.

Hi guys!
I want to try to solve a problem I’m sure many have.
Everyone loves to take off (or land) in a busy airport with ATC coverage, and many ATC operators prefer to cover a busy airport.
Everyone knows that San clemente (KNUC) is by far the busiest, the problem, in my opinion it’s not really close to any other airport and the controllers only clear you to take off from runway 24, which means to even get anywhere you need to turn around because no airports come off at runway 24’s direction.
Anyways, I’ve really come to love KONT airport because of how centrally located it is, especially to KLAX, a very busy airport.
The problem is that it’s no fun to take off or land there since people rarely control it because of the relatively low traffic.
I would love if more people started there or made it their destination, hence turning it into a busy airport that people would love to control making it more fun for ATC lovers who can now fly basically anywhere because of the airports location.
Thanks guys!


Then why don’t you control there? I’ve opened up MMTJ and KPSP at times and they get quite busy once there’s ATC ;)

I’ve taken off from there many times and atc there rarely lasts more than two minutes and I’ve found that usually bored people control there and make a mess like not clearing anyone to takeoff or land and frequently tell users to hold position.
I think that in order to change that many users should at least try my suggestion and that should attract real ATC and not bored people.

I might control there later, I’ll let you know when i will.

That would be great! I think what you suggested will work as well.
My callsign is El Al 787 heavy (I adore the new 787).

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Thing is, its in the middle of nowhere for new pilots. They want to gain XP and Flight Time but Kont is rather close to KLAX.

Normally people fly through KNUC (even though it’s a military base) as a quick stop between LAX or KSAN, and it’s only about half the distance between KSAN and LAX, so it’s not as long of a journey then the full thing. As Kyle said, just open up and control there. KONT is a great airport. Great idea!

KONT is a great airport. For pilots ito allows you to get into PSP or LAX easily or to do patterns on the parallel runways. The runways are also pretty much east west facing into the winds so that is nice.

For controllers the airport offers two great runways to practice atc commands. Being able to utilize both runways at the same time takes practice. You also have some small mountains north.

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So let’s bring in the more experience pilots

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Anyways, Kyle said he might be up to control there. Anyone in?? It would make a great destination from lax.

IRL it’s not busy because it’s a small airport. but nice to see that someone wants it busy.

It’s bigger than knuc yet much less busy

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I don’t really like to control mainly because I’m no good at it, but if we have volunteers that would be great!

I’ll be going as ATC, TS1 or 2?

  • Training 1
  • Training 2

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I’ll wait for 5 voters then I’ll close it. Looks like TS2 won! Head down there and I’ll be ATC. See ya there!

I always fly at KONT kind of getting bored flying the basic KLAX-KSAN

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I’m controlling there now if anyone want to join me

KNUC is located near KSAN, which is sometimes busier than KNUC and KLAX.

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