"Make Left Traffic", "Make Right Traffic"

Left traffic means turn LEFT, right traffic means turn RIGHT. dead simple, so lets bring up those flight standards boys. Especially on playground


I can’t believe some people are so stupid that they can’t tell which is left or right. I second this.

Edit: Added “some”. There are some intelligent people out there.


I understand the left or right downwind or left right base but generally people dont have a clue

Hey well its just a game so…

People come here to learn about avation. So pipe down and smile :D


  1. It’s a sim
  2. It’s common knowledge to know the difference between left and right.

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It’s about to go down for real!!!


Its because they havent gone through the tutorials…they enter left side of the runway when asked to “enter left downwind” and enter right side of the runway when asked to " enter right downwind" …well u cant blame them for using their brains but unfortunately thats not what it means in aviation 😕


Exactly, that bit confused the hell out of me first time round. The difference being I didn’t just guess and presume I was a genius. I looked it up on the old t’interweb. Welcome to the difference between people who care and don’t.

Steady mate, you dont want to get flagged 😂😂😂

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First of all they need to know what “remaing in the pattern” means.

It’s definitely a game

Ok but still even though its a flight sim still it can be confusing. For example itbyour behind the airport and ATC tells to enter downwind base etc. it csn be confuding because od which way u should go. To your left or left of airport

It is not. It is a paid simulator application where people who have an interest in aviation come to increase their knowledge and skills.

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