Make impossible to send duplicate messages

sorry for my unlisted topic…

I think we need avoid sending duplicates messages in a second… I have the proof we can receive more than 10 “going around, fucc you” in a 15 seconds row… just spamming the ATC is not good for IF Live experience…


Now this is a good idea :)

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I’m hoping the people on this forum do my do that and the people that do do that are new or simply want to be trolls. There should be a 5 second no command so the spam stops.

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There should be a mute button, to mute awful people :D

And! And! ATC, would like kick off a player spamming something more than 4-5 times?

And, AND!!!

It should quickly cut off the messages, so we won’t have to hear the terrible message, for about 10 times, till it stops!

This is a great idea!!

Maybe its even necessary…?

Someone get ATC spamming experience recently?

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Yes, I have, a troll in an F-16.

I have also received the troll going around messages