Make IF More Realistic With This!

Hello my fellow pilots!

After releasing my own way of making IF more realistic, in this post:

I decided to do all the calculations myself, from averages that I will be placing below.
But first, here is the info: (for my flight “KSMO - KNUC”)
Aircraft: A320 - JetBlue Livery
Fuel: 9,125 Lbs.
Passengers: 146
Passenger Weight: 23,360 lbs.
Cargo Weight: 10,150 lbs.
Anyways, here are the calculations to make it custom for your own flight:

You need to find this first:

  1. The amount of passengers you have on your flight (146 for me) (Max for A320 is 150, so I did random number generator and got 145)
  2. The amount of fuel you need (look at my prev post on how: When Global Flight Comes out...) (mine is 9,125 Lbs.)

Now, you need to divide the amount of passengers you are bringing (146) in half
I now have two groups of 73 passengers. One group is for Women, one is for men (children included). Now for each group, you must take these numbers, (below) and multiply them.

~ Men (In summer): 180 Lbs.
~ Men (In winter): 185 Lbs.

~ Women (In summer): 140 Lbs.
~ Women (In winter): 145 Lbs.

Since my flight is in summer, I did the following calculation:

~ For Men: 180 x 73 = 13,140
~ For Women: 140 x 73 = 10,220

I added those together, and got 23,360 Lbs. For Passengers

For baggage, I did the same:

~ Avg. Baggage weight: 35 Lbs.

And then, I multiplied 35 x 145 (Passengers) and got 10,150 Lbs. For Baggage/Cargo Weight

Now you have all the crucial components you can add to your IF flight to make even more realistic! You can also ask/PM @Adrien or @CaptainSean on how to input these calculations for your aircraft!

What did you learn?

  1. You learned how to math
  2. You learned how to calculate the amount of fuel for your flight
  3. You learned how much the passengers weigh towards your aircraft
  4. You learned how much weight your passenger’s bagagge adds to your aircraft
  5. You learned that the next time you fly, it will be more realistic than EVER! ;)

Any comments or questions? PM me ASAP!
Thanks for all the support :)

Stay at 35,000 feet!


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I’m gonna actually fly this route rn lol

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This is genius. Thanks for posting this!


If fuel could be added in IF, we will depend on you to teach us these calculations.


Very cool tutorial, but why did you tag me?[quote=“CaptainSean, post:1, topic:48961”]
You can also ask/PM @Adrien or @CaptainSean on how to input these calculations for your aircraft!


Well, you are very good with IF stuffs


O M G how could I not have shot for 26k?


It is. Start flying, then go to the pause secrion, then click “Weight And Balance”

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Great math, bring on fuel burn!

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I think Im going to use this rn

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Ahem, >:(

Apart from that great tutorial!


I Am though

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cough cough cough Thanks! cough cough cough

(cough cough YouTube has ruined me cough cough)

Show your math teacher!

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