Make IF available in Guyana

Heyo! So recently I got my card unlocked and I am now able to purchase IF for 0.99, however, the game isn’t supported in my country (Guyana) if anyone in charge of the app is reading this just wanted to ask if you can make it available in my country as I really want to keep simming without having to wait for my yearly trips to the USA. Thanks and cheers!


This is due to your country’s Play Store not having any agreements with any financial institutes there, disabling the option to offer paid apps.



Aw man, that really sucks. Would there be any other way I can access the game here? Really enthusiastic about it, if you know of other methods I can try let me know, thanks for the response and cheers!

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I guess if you have any friends outside of Guyana, they could purchase it for you, and then you could pay them.

I’m not sure if it’s allowed though.

If you need any more help, shoot me a PM, I’m always open and available. 😊


Mabye try using a VPN?


I’m almost certain that won’t work. Seb said it’s linked to a country’s Play Store, so the only way I can see getting around this is changing the location of the Play Store. There’s more info here if the OP is interested in doing this:

And although not explicitly stated in the article above, I would assume you’d need a valid credit/debit card from the country you’re ‘moving to’ in order to purchase the app. For example, I can’t have a British card linked to an American Play Store. Perhaps the OP could get a Play Store gift card for that country, but that’s for them to decide.

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Or, someone from the country he changed to can gift him the money on the App Store.

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