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image We are an IFVARB certified VO.

Welcome to Evo GA club.

“It’s finally time to enjoy general aviation. It’s a hobby for many aviation enthusiasts to fly around in small propeller aircraft and have fun, relax and watch the stunning views outside their window.

But many other people prefer to go with jets and fly the big fat Airbuses.

Guess it’s time to change the game. Literally.

Introducing Infinite Flight’s first ever GA club, dedicated to all those who love GA flying.”

About us

Our club.

Evo GA club, in short, is a General Aviation hangout zone for pilots. It was founded because we thought the community needed a strong GA community, to bring diversity into IF and to give the small Cirrus/Cessnas some recognition. We believe that a club like this should be different from a Virtual Airline; there is no flight logging, scheduled flights and so on. It is literally a place for GA freaks to get to know each other and fly for fun.

Our promise.

Even though this is a club, professionalism and uniqueness is something that we definitely strive for. It determines what type of Virtual Organisation we are, and what our members feel about it. Therefore, we can guarantee and promise a civil and friendly community with knowledgeable pilots, as well as some website features to help.

Why us?

Is this even a question? Once you join us, you’ll experience tons and tons of fun you never knew existed. You’ll be meeting people who love General Aviation just like you do, making sure there’s always healthy discussion between fellow members. Like said before, we strive for professionalism and uniqueness, to ensure that no other VA/VO is like us.

Other than that, you’ll get to fly around the globe and into places you’ve never seen before, explore amazing terrain and views, finally fly the plane that you love with a bunch of other people and more.

Click here to view our whole ‘About us’ page

Staff stuff

Founder: Sean Wong @MisterButler

​"I’m Sean, the founder of this GA club. I’m also the CEO of Porter Virtual, our parent VO. I like sports, especially football and cross country running. Other than that I have nothing else to describe myself with."

Co-Founder, Owner: Yuvraj Kaintel @TheCoolPilot

​"Hi, my name is Yuvraj. I’m the co-founder of Evo, Infinite Flight’s only GA club. Me and Sean have worked together to make a GA club a reality and hope you have your best flight with Evo. I love flying GA aircraft (especially the SR22) and have actually flown a Piper in real life. I’m the COO at Porter, our parent VA. I hope to see many of you here at Evo.”

VOM (Virtual Airline Moderator): Ryan Clark @Ryan2

VOM (Virtual Airline Moderator):

Staff will be handpicked for this role.

VA/VO affiliates

Porter Virtual - under ownership

Click here to see our Virtual Airline/Virtual Organisation affiliates

Member list

Our member list is where people can come to check out the number of pilots we have, their names, favourite GA plane and Infinite Flight callsign (to identify them at any time). It just keeps on growing and growing!

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Our quality fleet.

Our fleet page provides extremely detailed information about the planes our members are able to operate. We currently have:

  • Ciruss SR22
  • Cessna 172
  • Cessna 208
  • Super Decathlon

Take these bad boys around the world with you! We guarantee excellent scenery and views when flying these legendary planes many call ‘undeserved’.

Click here to view full fleet info

Routes of the month

Due to our team’s innovative and creative thinking, we’ve decided that we should make a page dedicated to showcasing what we think would be the Airport of the month, Aircraft of the month and Route of the month. We highly recommend flying these flights! Above image is only an example of one of the features of the page.

Click here to see more

image Applications are open!

Seriously, you won’t regret being part of the Evo GA club. There’s some stuff that you’ll need to join us though, so click that button below to find out.
Join us!

image Confused?

That’s why we have an entire page dedicated to eliminating that issue.
Our VO guide will have you covered in no time!

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NOTE: We are directly owned and founded by Porter Virtual. Porter Virtual itself is not affiliated with its real life counterpart in any way.

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Infinite Flight’s first GA club!

Pilots have probably been waiting for this for eternity. Now that it’s here, it’s a definite game changer. Keep in mind that this is a CLUB, not a Virtual Airline. That means there won’t be any ranks, scheduled flights, set routes and stuff like that. Rather, it is a place for pilots to freely fly any GA aircraft they would like all over the world and get to know each other. Discover more on our website!

We are directly owned by Porter Virtual.


Good luck for your future Endeavors! Wishing you all the best as we support you through your new beginnings! From your friendly VA group, Qantas Virtual Group.


Baxter White
Pilot Instructor - QVG


Thanks for the kind words, hope to see you one day and good luck to Qantas!

Thank you very much @Thecoolpilot
Enjoy the rest of your day!

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This thread looks great…if you like GA planes, then Evo is the place for you. Join us now!!

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Just filled out an application! Great job guys!


Thanks, I will approve it tmrw morning, really late for me!!

Remember to spread the word about Evo and make it the best club in infinite flight!!!


Evo is still looking for members so come join us from the link ahead!!

Just a reminder to not spam, once like 2 days is fine. But I’m apart of this VO, and its amazing!


Roger that and thanks for the comment!!

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Could you add he P38 and spitfire as those are retired fighters or just normal GA?

I will also try to join :)

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We actually might add the retired fighter planes. Hope to see you joining!!

Fly any GA plane, anyhere, anytime with Evo!

I wish you great luck with enthusiasm. See you in the skies…

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Hope to see you joining @Ryan_Vidad!!

Applied! Waiting to hear back.

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Just gonna do it in a bit!

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@1ofthe3amegos I have not recieved your application could you please try again!

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