Make flying more Challenging

Hey Guys,

I’ve been playing IF since 2012 and I’ve come to a Point where flying isn’t as Challenging as it used to be.
Sometimes I try to spice up my flight with some low fuel planing or flying a Overweight Cargo plane.

Do you guys have any Idea what else I could do ?
What do you Guys do to make a Flight more interesting ?


Just a few things:

  • Fly into more challenging airports like Kathmandu or Lukla or even some airports with smaller runways
  • Fly into airports that experience bad weather like strong winds or bad visibility
  • Fly with some more difficult planes for example the 717
  • Scenic GA flying!

These would be my top picks for things that could make your flying experience more interesting!


I would suggest you learn some “hidden” real-life features. Try VOR and DME approaches for example. This requires Chart knowledge, another thing that is crucial to make your experience more professional and challenging. Often Approach fixes in IF are only half of the truth of how the approach is in real life and you often need to fly a certain course between them instead of the straight line that IF creates.


Ok, heres your next flight…

Get into a Q400 in Austrian livery. Your route is Innsbruck to Lugano. You need to fly the appropriate departure SID, and at Lugano use the GPS / DME LOC approach to Rwy 01…

But ideally you’ll need the chart to fly the procedure turn correctly, and to read off the correct breakaway distance should you need to fly the visual segment to the opposite runway… 😊

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idea 1: pattern touch and goes, Sedona airport, Arizona (runway in the sky)

idea 2: appreciate the decoupling of the HUD’s AI with the velocity vector in virtual cockpit mode:
In virtual cockpit mode, adjust the zoom to balance a view of throttles with instrument panel and external view, looking somewhat to the side to get forward/side balanced view, set a speed on the autopilot, HUD on, and fly by reference to only two things: the HUD’s AI plus the velocity vector (they are only decoupled in virtual view)

The idea is to use AI only for bank awareness and the velocity vector for vertical speed -if it’s on the horizon (flying level), above (going up hill controlled by how high above the horizon), below (going down hill more or less control rate of decent by how far down you “throttle the vector”, that is, control it with pitch input) - turn, go up and down, let the throttles do their thing, take it all in, you’ve got the cockpit, the outside panorama, and you’re in complete control, your flying (while throttles are doing their magic)!

With this, take a XCub on a tour of the Tetons in Wyoming!

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