Make Expert Server “ Expert” again

Today when I controlling MMMX, when the radar controllers when off line, people flying like TS, 10+ on final flying through each other like they don’t exist at all

Look, I get it, fly 30min approach is Desperate, but please, know what you doing, the Expert Server is what you do realistic, not everytime when you land and hundreds and thousands People died,

I wrote this post because I was a little bit angry, so please forgive me for some of my words.

Enjoy the sky and stay safe
And put your mask on! 😷


I mean, you do have the power of ghosting.

If you can find them on the IFC, I would have sent them a PM if I were you.

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100% agree.

In fact (don’t quote me on this) I think that the devs said that they are working on these issues. I think they mentioned something about grades or servers, not 100% sure.


No he doesn’t. IFATC supervisors are the only ones that can ghost when they’re flying, so there is nothing he can do.


Also if your in a rush to do something else and not wait 30m. Just fly to another ATC open airport not a big deal. Don’t ruin the experience for others. #MakeExpertGreatAgain! ;D


I’m no IFATC so I dunno. lmao

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How does that excuse what people are doing? Just because he is able to ghost users doesn’t make it okay for people to be acting like clowns.


There’s always people who are going to fall out of line let’s face it. One day they may fall out of line at the wrong time and justice will be served with a ghost or violation so they learn their lesson. As it is frustrating, karma exists and karma is… well it sucks let’s say and it’ll be on that pilot since they fell out of line. It is important for everyone to have a good time on the expert server so follow the rules and be a role model. ;)


I had the same problem this morning when I was controlling MMMX. Guys, watch the tutorials on YouTube before you regret it because of a ghost. It makes your life easier, it makes the controllers life easier.

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Was cut off by planes 3-4 times, went around 2 times, and I witnessed 2 planes landing on the same runway at least 3 times. Definitely need people to be more realistic. At one point, a plane had just stopped on the runway and was causing collisions.


If you see that you are causing issues for others, that’s when you need to realize, oh, I’m doing something wrong and I should fix that for the enjoyment of others. Just because you don’t want to act the proper way doesn’t mean that everyone else would like to act the improper way, for everyone to be happy we need to follow rules. If there are no consequences and people see they can get away with it, unfortunately they will. This is something we have to communicate with others to show how it can hurt and make it not fun for someone else.

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