Make Engine Spiral more visible

I wish that the engine spiral was made more visible. I know that by having it not clear is supposed to be “wear and tear” but I feel like it’s a bit over done where it’s almost not visible in IF.

As an example, this Nordwind B772.


The same registration IRL has a very clear and visible spiral.

I’m not saying they should adjust the spiral clarity based on the registration but just in general make all of them clear and visible. It’s very rare when you see them so faded IRL.

People may like the wear and tear on the spiral but I personally like when I see the spiral so clear and visible, especially from the wing view.

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Is it possible just because they are spinning?

The video shown IRL are when engines are spinning too so no.

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I suspect that this is being worked on because the example is from the new 777

Are you talking about the blades?

No, not the blades. I’m talking about the engine cone spiral.

Buddy i feel that its quite visible.
Because whenever I Fly 777 300 ER
I clearly see those spinning cones.

Ok you are right there they do get dark once the engine starts up


It is visible however, very dark.


Aircraft is still a work in progress. Let’s not jump the gun so quick with the photos that are shared. 🙂

I’ll cut you a deal. You can keep the votes you’ve got placed elsewhere. 😜


Why is the thread reopened?

Because it’s still something that I’d love to see added. It was last closed due to the fact that it was still WIP so it was too early to comment about it.

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