Make "Check Help Pages" Command Private

Hey IFC,
I was flying into Seattle today and received a “Check Help Pages” message. I’m not sure if others feel this way, but in the rare instances I get those messages, it really throws me off and embarrasses me. It almost makes me want to quit my flight. I also feel bad for others when that command is issued to them. So my feature request is to make this “Check Tutorials” message private. This would mean that instead of the message being broadcasted across the ATC comms, it would only be seen and heard by the recipient of the message. This could also apply to the “Follow Instructions” message. Let me know what you think!

I find the easiest way to learn is by learning from others mistakes and watching how others interact with ATC. If it was private then that wouldn’t be possible.


I’ve received a “Check Help Pages” command before and although it does sound embarrassing, it also tells you and others that you did something wrong.

We all make mistakes and there will be many embarrassing moments, but we can’t just go all private because we might feel sensitive. This helps you prepare for the real world as you will be called out in front of others and it’s how you handle it really matters.

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Remember to gote for your own features @A_Plane_Guy, but I genuinely dont mind how it is, it just states that you should look for correct operations, after all, it is “Expert” Server, and the pilots are expected to know this info, as well as ATC

I didn’t make this feature request

I’m just pointing out how keeping everything private might not help one at all

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My bad, I misclicked thread names, editing