Make ATC Playground Better: Grade 2 Requirement

I think its bad to allow pilots to fly in Playground if he dont know how talk to ATC. Unicom is a great start and this is why everyone new may have to begin in Free Flight Server before entering the Playground.

I submit :

###Free Flight Server : Grade 1
###ATC Playground : Grade 2
###Advanced Server : Grade 3

Some people here want to bring Advanced from Grade 4. Its hard to get Grade 4 if you dont fly often. My landing counts know something about that :). I think its perfect in Grade 3.

Sorry if duplicate, didn’t find a topic for that.


I’d say anything related to ATC should come with a brief test…


I’m all for an increase to Grade 4, required in order to gain admittance to at least the Advanced Server.

I was able to attain Grade 4 within 35-days after my initial date-of-purchase.
I believe no harm can come from tweaking things a bit.


I don’t like the sound of it… Grade 4 isn’t very much about experience but rather more about activity…


I already requested it. :)

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And about the Grade 4 situation…

I’ve been playing Infinite Flight for a while. I stopped playing for 7 months, came back and I was a grade 2, and now I’m a Grade 3. I’m almost Grade 4, but Grade 4 is just a little too hard to reach. If the Advanced Server was switched to Grade 4, think about the activity on that server. Wouldn’t be as many people. Plus, you don’t usually see a Grade 3 being a nimrod, especially on the Advanced Server. So I think it should just stay at Grade 3. However, the Playground should be switched to Grade 2, along with a name change. :)


Less people would just mess around on PG if it was for Grade 2+ or 3+

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I agree on your ranking there. Its how it used to be as well, when you first went on Live you where restricted as well as restricted as to which airfields / airspace you could enter…that really helped to focus the mind!

Regards ATC on the PG server, I have said this before, but I think that you should be min Grade 3 to act as ATC on the PG Server. This would mean that you have had opportunity to work with ATC already as a Grade 2 and maybe also on the Advanced Server so that you would have a good understanding of how it should be.


I’m pretty sure they had some sort of different granding system as I remember only flying in the free flight server but I think it’s because ATC didn’t exist the when I got live

yes that was back in the ‘old’ days before we even had Unicom if I remember!! we about 18months ago so NOT that old!


The great old IF Live start.


Yes I remember only being able to fly from Half Moon Bay Sanfrancisco, I remember those days haha


Airspace Violation Reported!


I’ve been waiting for this for a while

Guys don’t you seee that some people bought the app for only atc and that’s why any grade can access PG…not because of flying Nope!just because of that!ATC

I also suggest this but ppl don’t like it…

Yes but its “Infinite Flight”, not “Infinite Control
If people want to Control just for Control it exist a lot of ATC apps around the net.

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Yes but not all grade 3 people are noobs just remember that btw some mods are grade 3

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I would be surprised if people bought this App ONLY to be a controller. And if they are interested in being a controller then they would understand the need to gain knowledge from the pilots perspective. It is not hard to be able to build up sufficient XP / time in order to access the ATC in that case.

IRL ATC controllers have some training as pilots (PPL level) before becoming an ATC…at least here in the UK AFAIK.

I agree completely with you.