Make APPR mode NOT disengage AP

Currently in IF, disarming APPR mode acts almost as a full autopilot disconnect and disconnects everything apart from the speed.

This feature request is to change this and make disengagement of APPR simply disengage the approach mode alone.

Why do we need this?

  • If you mess up your approach or get a missed approach by ATC and you need to disengage APPR after it was engaged.
  • IRL, as far as I know, APPR does not disengage autopilot.(ALT, VS, HDG)

It’s very annoying when you go to disarm APPR it disconnects ALT, VS and HDG making you take control and having to reengage those specific ones.

when u enable APPR it changes the source from GPS to NAV1 which means it cant automatically be changed back, u need to set it yourself.

That’s not what I meant. The problem I see here is if you press APPR to disarm it after it was armed, it will disconnect ALT, VS and HDG.

yes, if you use those in NAV1 they wont work

They do work with APPR disabled. GPS is there to follow your flight plan and NAV1 is there to set an ILS approach or a VOR. You can still use the HDG, VS and Altitude if you have the source set to NAV1 but you can’t follow your flight plan with LNAV then.

I’m not having trouble managing APPR to shoot an ILS approach. What I’m saying is if for example I’m coming in for an ILS and I was turning and armed APPR but then overshot or ATC instructed me to execute a missed approach then I will need to disarm APPR. Disarming APPR then disconnects ALT, VS, and HDG.

This feature request is asking for ALT, VS and HDG to stay engaged instead of being disengaged as a result of disarming the APPR.

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but what should it engage as tho…

What @Boodz_G mean is that it disconnects everything in the autopilot except the set speed if you disarm APPR.
Let’s say you come in for an approach into EGLL and approach clears you for the ILS approach runway 27R. Once you engage APPR the source automatically set to NAV1. You notice that you overshoot the localizer so approach gives you a missed approach. To follow the missed approach heading and altitude you need to disarm the APPR mode. If you disarm the APPR the altitude, the heading and the vertical speed gets disarmed as well. This feature request requests that once you disarm APPR only APPR gets deactivated and that the Heading, Altitude and Vertical speeds stays enabled with the altitude, heading and speed target that were set before.
This would avoid issues with the plane diving down because you forget to calibrate your device for example.


Yes, we do need to be able to efficiently disengage the APPR mode if needing to abandon the ILS, while still having the aircraft remain stable. In situations like this, in my experience, the plane is not out of control (a situation which WOULD demand an instant release from all AP modes), but I just need to fly a missed approach or maintain the heading and Altitude for a bit.

This can happen if the ILS intercept happened too late for the altitude, so the GS didn’t engage. You might have enough time to disengage APPR, and manually dial in a faster descent on VS, and play catch up with the GS. More often than not it may be too late, and a go around is needed. In both of these cases though, we want nice smooth steady switching of the modes, not for the plane to pitch or roll.

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I had a different issue with this topic, when I was ordered to execute the missed approach, I was engaged to APPR and forgot to calibrate my device due to time constraints when ATC asked me to do so, as a result I lost control of the aircraft and it started to descend rapidly, as a result of which ATC deemed it a violation of instructions.
I hope IF Support will look at this issue by automatically activating calibration when APPR is disengaged.