Make Aircraft Restrictions Based on Ramp Starts, Not Airspace

Now before I get this topic started, I know I will get some backlash from some of you about how this will decrease the realism of IF. This will actually increase the realism of Infinite Flight. (In my opinion)

So, as many of you may have noticed, there are a lot of large airports that are not class B or C. Some are class D. Currently in Infinite Flight, class Delta airports have an aircraft restriction set on them; the restriction does not allow the user to fly the B757 & A321 or bigger into those airports.

But there are many examples of airports where planes as large as the AN-225 fly and are capable of handling large aircraft. Here are some examples from my home state of Ohio. (I’m using Ohio because I am most familiar with it.)

Rickenbacker International (KLCK)

KLCK is a class D airport that is part of the new and ever growing Rickenbacker Inland Port. It has two 12,000 feet runways. Currently, the Airport recieves regular service from the airlines below:

(The Image excludes Kalitta, Ethiopian Cargo, FedEx, UPS, DHL, Castle Aviation, & AirNet)

The aircraft flown on the routes above range from B777 to B747. Rickenbacker also handles any charter traffic that KCMH cannot properly handle (usually B767s and bigger). The airport has also hosted the AN-225 many times. The Ohio Air National Guard’s fleet of KC-135 tankers are based also at KLCK.

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (KFFO)

KFFO is one of the most infamous airbases of the US Air Force and yet most people do not realize that it is class D. Currently, the aircraft flown there most often are C-17s, C-5 Galaxy, B747, and various other smaller planes

Airborne Airpark - Wilmington (KILN)

KILN is the former home of Airborne Express, DHL USA, & Amazon Prime Air. It is now a maintenance base for ABX Air. As you might expect, Airborne Airpark has handled aircraft all the way up to B747s. The airport has one 10,000+ foot runway and another 9,000 foot runway.

Basically, my point is that removing the class D restrictions after global would increase the realism of IF by a large margin. This wouldn’t affect those who fly passenger jets as much as it does those who fly cargo and military aircraft. Many cargo airports and air force bases are class D.

Thanks for taking time to read my suggestion! I hope I explained everything clearly.

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Rickenbacker International:
Airborne Airpark:[/spoiler]


You do have a good point that an airport with a 12,000 foot runway should not have any aircraft restrictions. It begs the question though, why is it still classified as a Delta?


The best solution to this is to change a few specific airports to C class. Removing the restrictions for all D class airports would cause mayhem.


I made a topic about KTNT in the SoFlo Region a while back. It has a 10,000 foot paved runway but is uncontrolled so the same problem occurs there. I think these airports are class D because they are very near or inside Class B & C airspace. But I’m not sure.

Here is my old KTNT topic: KTNT Aircraft Restriction Problem


I see where you are going with that, but that is a lot more airports needing to be changed than you are probably assuming.


Pretty sure someone like Cam could rustle up a really simple form where people just sibmit a request for airports to be changed on a case by case basis (with evidence).


The airspace class is assigned by the relevant aviation authorities is it not?

Anyway, I’m not sure that class plays a role in determining restrictions. TNCM is a Charlie. It doesn’t have the same restrictions as every other Charlie.

We always stress that airspace class isn’t the determining factor, but rather runway and taxiway dimensions, and ramp space.


Couldn’t have said it better myself. Runway, ramp space, and taxiways are really the determining factors.


Some airports like KASE or KEGE are Class Charlie Airports. Yet they have a restriction to not land with aircrafts bigger than 757 or 321.

I think this would be a good idea imho. Maybe if we can change the system to judge the size of aircraft based on ramp, runway, and taxiway size/length instead based on Airport’s Airspace


Those are Class Charlie airports in IF…
But in real life, they are Class Delta.


If only i could give a like to these brilliant minds of infinite flight, to bad i was demoted to TL1, anyway really great idea, lots of places that can handle anything just to be restricted to 737’s and A321’s.

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And agreed with misha, it would not make sense for big planes to fly to class d airports that are really for GA and smaller airplanes, maybe promote them to Class Charlie would be more realistic, hope there is a change to this, new airports would open up and appeal to people, for example in South Florida, the 3 main airports that people really go to is KMIA, KTPA, and KRSW, places like KTNT where people could go, or KLAL up north near tampa, these places could be full other than the 3 airports if restrictions are lifted or they recieve a promotion to class C or perhaps even maybe Class B, great concept as always Nick!

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Yeah, I get that concept. But upgrading airspace isn’t the most realistic way to do it in my opinion. Thanks for your feedback!

I agree, that’s probably what should happen

Personally I think it would be best of editors could add the restrictions, so they could be specific dependant on the airport.


If runway dimensions and ramp space are big enough, I don’t see why any IFATC should deny you service.

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I think we need this, will become very helpful. especially for TS1 noobs who land 747s at aspen… and their 380s!


Great idea @NetJets_Nick

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The whole point of this thread is moot.

As I suspected, IF already ignores airspace class when determining whether an airport says Current Airplane Restricted.

I hopped in an A388, and it took me three tries to find one Delta where it was restricted and one where it wasn’t. [And, again, IFATC ignores airspace class, and looks at what I mentioned before.]:


So you are saying it is possible to remove restrictions per each airport?