Make Advanced Great Again @ KLAX - 272000ZAPR16

Server: Advanced

Region: Southern California

Airport: KLAX

Time: 2000 27th of April

NOTAM Make Advanced Great Again! So many people who have access to advanced don’t join because of the lack of players. This is creating a domino affect of nobody joining advanced anymore. This event is to help advanced be great again and get more players on. The official aircraft of this event is the Airbus A321.

Instructions- After takeoff climb to FL250 and a rate of 3000 fps while flying at 250kts. Once at cruise altitude accelerate to 350kts. Then just begin the drink service and sit back and relax. One you connect to the ILS begin decending on the glide-slope. (ALL AIRCRAFT MUST BE SPACED MORE THAN 5nm).


Please follow the guidelines for events.


I believe he is following almost every single guideline, and as for the tutorial it is meant so people don’t say, “come to advanced and fly at 2:30 pm”

Thank you very much. Will you be attending?

The title is wrong.

Can you please explain the Title format a little bit better please.

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Actually, I will fix it for you.

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Thank you very much. Will you attend the event by any chance?

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Hello! Nice topic but whats the date?

Nevermind! Thanks

I will come!

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OMG that is sweet!

Yep. Make Advance Great Again!!! I hope that every Advance ATC play on Advance server everytime if possible so that Advance Pilot play on Advance server, not pg where most of the time people break the rules

@787Boy Fixed the title and if an event I will attend on the same day does not interfere with this one, I will come.

Great to hear!

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Scratch that, I can come at that time.

I will be posting the FPL tonight.

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Will we all fly 757’s?

No defiantly not. Why do you like the 757?