Make-A-Wish jet retires

A private jet painted in bright rainbow colors to salute Make-A-Wish, which grants wishes to seriously ill children, had its last flight May 29, 2019.

Named “Dream Chaser 5,” the Lear Jet model 35 finished strong, taking Make-A-Wish kids from six cities in the western United States for a flight during the last week of May.

Stops included Centennial Airport in Denver, Colorado Springs Airport, Albuquerque Airport, Orange County Airport in Santa Ana, California, Burbank Airport in California, and Salt Lake City International Airport.

The children got an opportunity to sit in the cockpit and talk to the pilots before their flight. They also each received a hat and T-shirt featuring the rainbow jet to commemorate their day. At the completion of their flight they signed their name on the side of the airplane.

The children who got the rare opportunity to fly in the jet at its stop at Burbank Airport in California.

The flights gave these Make-A-Wish kids a rare chance to take to the skies in the 500 mile per hour jet that normally rents for more than $3,000 an hour, according to officials.

The Lear Jet was donated by International Jet Aviation an aircraft charter and management company based in Denver. The company has been doing these flights from time to time on different airplanes since 1990. These were the last flights on this airplane, which will now be retired from service.

“Many of our employees volunteered their own time to make this project possible,” said Lynn Krogh, CEO of International Jet Aviation. “It gave us all a chance to give back something to the community and it is very rewarding to bring something special to the lives of the Make-A-Wish children.”


I really admire who did this and give them my full respect. We need more people like that in this world…


Yes we do!

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A foundation based on helping others and a sweet livery?! Even though I never heard of them, it still aches to see them leave.


That is amazing. Such a great thing that all the volunteers do, to help out and give the Make-A-Wish kids the best day of their lives.


That is so cool! It’s nice to hear people helping our kids in the world, with a jet!
Keep it up guys!


Saw this on Centennial’s Instagram a few weeks ago. Check out the video they shared. Its a sweet paint job though. Unique and one of a kind!


Oh thanks for sharing!!

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that is a VERRRRYYYYY colourful plane - it took a bit for my eyes to adjust

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Definitely a very cool livery

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