Make a circle around?

Sorry for a rookie question but does that mean that the ATC wants me to circle around because theairpot is busy? I didnt know what to do so i Just followed to circle around


Yeah that’s a holding pattern until the airport frees up a little bitn


It means you’re put in a Hold by ATC. Stay in the Hold until a new vector has been sent to you. :)


Oh thanks…:)

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Oh i see alright bro

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I have never seen that on IF before

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Yes it is only used when busy and even then it is rarely used due to a few issues. ATC cannot see the hold so it’s hard to tell if the pilot is correctly holding, many pilots do not know how to hold or simply ignore it, and there are a few technical issues.

If the above issue can be fixed, expect to see it a lot more.


I wouldn’t mind it, that could be very useful. Hopefully the bugs get fixed.

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Omg I just realised how cool it’ll be if you are low on fuel and go holding. I just can’t wait for fuel burn!

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Damn I have never been told to circle and had no idea that circle route change happened. That’s really cool

I have had this once from an ATC and still to this day would say they were the best ATC I ever fly under on IF. Wish I remembered their name. - IFATC should really utilise this feature so much more on expert.

Tutorial video: Holding Pattern Tutorial - YouTube

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