Make 747 Slightly More Elevated

I’ve noticed something pretty considerable on the both 747 variants on Infinite Flight…

Landing in crosswinds in a 747 is fairly easy for me to accomplish, but there is just one thing that irks me a lot, and it’s that wing / engine strikes are very likely to happen. I’ve seen that after I touched down, even making the slightest roll for corrections makes the wing / engine strike the ground.

I know it’s likely for this to happen in real life, but I’ve realized that it occurs very much when I try to land in crosswinds in the 747. It’s unrealistic for it to be happening this frequently.

I knew it couldn’t be just me… So I decided to inspect the 747. What I found is that the height from ground to engine in IF has to be at least a foot lower than in real life, and I have these two pictures to compare:

Infinite Flight (realize how low the engines are to the ground, especially the number two and three engines)

Photo Cred: @Bobby

Real Life (realize how the engines are considerably higher than the ones in IF)

Photo Cred: Shutterstock

This may be pretty small, but I think it can be implemented very easily. In this mobile simulator, maximum realism is what I strive to see, and that is why I’ve made this request.

Interesting find. This is a little something I’d like to see fixed, as it increases realism and the chance for wing/engine strikes on crosswind landings. However, in my opinion, it seems better off to adjust this in an entire aircraft rework instead of a fix on its own, since the airframe itself would have to be modified.


Would definitely come with a 747 rework, since our IF747 is still really good I guess this won’t be No 1 in line ;)

Good find tho :)

You’d have to nail and I mean NAIL a crosswind landing to avoid engine strikes, unfortunately that doesn’t always happen for me. 🙁 However when winds are calm, no problem 👌

Now I’ve seen this it is going to bother me for th rest of my IF life 🤣😡


YES! I was practicing crosswind landings today with the 744 and realized it too

Anybody ever thought about a possible weight difference betwenn those?

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Of course it does! I do see it all the time 😂

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Ignore me, I’m just being stupid, I suppose it’s not that noticeable. Even so, it doesn’t make a huge difference whatsoever.

Well it does depend on the aircraft. In some its more noticeable then other wich might be caused by the date the aircraft was added.

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I have noticed that but I have always thought that I am bad at landing the 747.

In a crosswind landing, I find it difficult to keep the engines from touching the ground, especially when using rudder 😫

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This is not that hard. Just be aware of when the nose wheel is gonna touch down. If it does you will have to reduce the rudder imput so u dont tip over.

Problem with that is, with especially windy days you might have to use a lot of rudder input, not enough and you’ll start veering off the runway. Probably why I never like landing the 747, oh well.

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Its just a matter of training. I would recommend to not switch the aircrafts to often until you konw how to.

I’m slowly making and perfecting my way through each aircraft 😂

Sorry I never knew you were a 3D modeller and/or game developer?

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… and are you? You can’t really criticize his statement unless you are one.

In case you are, I apologize and will take this comment down immediately.

More on topic, I would much rather see a rework of the 747 family and not just a minor model touch-up :)


No, I’m not. Neither of us are qualified to make statements about how long developing something takes.

I’m highly doubting whether the models aren’t the correct size already. Looks can be deceiving. IRL it would be much easier to fly and keep level as autopilot and other systems are much more advanced than what we have simulated.


Seems like words can really get to some people…

There, I edited the post to clarify that it is my opinion, and if it makes you feel better, I am sorry for stating it in the first place.