Major terrain problem

Why does my terrain look like this? The first 3 flights I did I had no issue. After that the lagging and weird stuff started to happen I have been on the same WiFi the entire time. I’m using an iPhone 7 I already shut down my phone twice deleted and reinstalled the app why is this happening??

The terrain has been updated in the last east release to model the real world version of the world.
Could you better explain the problem with you’re terrain we might be missing?

Also, move this to #support if you can, or to any Regulars who see this as well

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It’s lagging and I see it moving constintly on the screen and it’s very blurry

Make sure you’re WiFi isn’t being do heavily used. I’m not sure what would cause the map to glitch around though. What area are you flying in. Getting close to the ground will make it a bit blurry, as it is satellite imagery, although some areas are of a higher quality than others. I’ll attach a map provided by FDS for you to check as well

Anything on the globe not highlighted in orange or with an orange and black stripe are of a lesser quality than those that are highlighted

Credits to FDS for anyone who didn’t read my comment above

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It’s not that it’s only blurry but like it’s really lagging like when I move around on my screen the terrian and graphic don’t look right like they move

Are you running any apps in the background? I understand you’re using an iPhone 7, which should be able to handle very high quality without a problem, although background apps may cause an issue, as they take up some of the memory otherwise available to use by Infinite Flight

I have no other apps up either so I really need some help here

I really need help figuring this out

Like the graphics are only bad while I move when the plane is descending the scenery starts to move

I fly Global on an iPhone 7 with all maxed graphics and it doesn’t lag. Have you turned limit frame rate off and battery saver?

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Also, move this to #support if you can, or to any Regulars who see this as well

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Battery saver is on is that causing the issue?

I hear that it drops the frame rate down fairly low to save battery on long flights. Turn it off and see if it helps.

Ok I’m gonna try now

Should I turn frame rate off?

limit frame rate? Yes

I’m still having an issue like the graphics are fine but once I start moving or I swipe around the graphics move for a sec then stay in place

Right I see, maybe contact one of the developers and they can help you out!

What device are you using?

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