Major Sydney Airport Upgrade Planned

A major upgrade is planned for Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport, including a new T4 International terminal, more gates added to existing terminals and multiple other accessibility enhancements. Terminal 4 will be located on the current Qantas maintenance jet base, adjacent to the existing Terminal 3 (Qantas Domestic). The plan was created due to the new threat Western Sydney (Badgerys Creek) Airport may pose to Sydney Airport once it is completed. Jetstar has already confirmed it will be switching to the new airport, Northrop Grumman will be building a base at the new airport, and the airport will be constructed and operated by the Australian Government after Sydney Airport Corporation cancelled plans to take ownership of the airport after completion.

More information on the upcoming airport:


Wow! That seems very interesting! Can’t wait till it’s built! It will be very interesting to go there now!

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So it wasn’t interesting to go to Sydney before xD. I see, true aviation enthusiasts go only for the airport experience…


Won’t ever go ahead until the curfew and hourly movement cap is abolished.

The current terminals and gates can already handle the current amount of capped traffic.

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I guess they want more airlines or flights? I’m pretty sure the terminals are getting full, and it is evident the airport needs to expand with the growing air traffic. They should probably remove the curfew soon.

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They won’t remove the curfew, it’s actually legislated so it’s almost impossible to remove - hence the approval of the construction of the second Sydney airport.

The movement cap is also legislated under the Sydney Airport Demand Management Act 1997. Having extra terminals to allow more aircraft and passengers doesn’t help when you can still only have a maximum of 80 movements per hour.

The peak times slots at Sydney are basically already full as it is.

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