Major shaking of the aircraft

I did i flight from KSAN to KLAX today in a 737. Right when i touched down on Runway 25R the plane started shaking like theres was a 10.0 earthqauke. Once i got on the taxi way the plane kept on going onto the grass. If i didnt ajust it would go even more crazy. I managed to get to my gate. Once i put the parking brake on the plane kept moving to the left at about 1-2 knots. There was only 4 other planes at the airport. The shaking was also visible from the tower view. That was how bad it was. I dont know if its just my device but if its not could you please fix this.


That happened to me once, I think it was a glitch of some sort because I got 100+ knots winds blowing. Then suddenly I got a 660 knot wind gust then I reset the app and everything went to normal. I think it was you landing on your nose wheels or the winds that could have caused that

This is a known issue; it’s hard to fix but the developers are aware and will be working on a fix :)

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I didnt land on my nose and after when i was at gate it was still happening

How long were you flying prior to the incident?

About 15 to 20 minutes

Could be a problem with the floating point calculations that IF uses. There is no easy fix for this.

It also happened in another aircraft

I’ve experienced the plane shaking up and down thouroughly during a flight in a very light plane, probably due to lightweightedness and moving too quickly.

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