Major revamp and transformation of the grading system

However most planes are built for abt 500fpm landing and depending on the conditions the kiss may not be the best. So i dont like this criteria

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I am one of these ‘hardcore simmers’ that are referred to above, and I really really like this idea. I think that having a more difficult but rewarding ranking system will do a whole load of good for those that have been around in this simulator the longest (such as myself, having used this since late 2012 when it was on Windows phones).
I think many of us here long for the days before global, when the expert server was actually pretty exclusive and difficult to get to. Nowadays a few circuits and 1 ultra long haul should be enough to bag a Grade 3 and get you up into the big boy server. This is unacceptable for those who wish to fly ‘properly’ in a world where few mistakes are made.

Furthermore, I like that this alternative ranking system will reflect the pilot’s professionalism and willingness to learn. You may start out as a novice, however if you find yourself haemorrhaging points then, surely, you will be asking yourself why this is so. This should lead to correct procedures being endorsed and encouraged. The more you learn, the better you become and the quicker you start to go up in the world.


I agree with you, and I’d like to be considered a hardcore simmer. However, I do think @Trio’s point is a valid one, as not everyone starts out as a pro when they first play the game. Having this rank system for each server would be much better than restricting the pilots who just like to fly for fun.

I agree, I should have mentioned that this is more for airliners, but this would be the grading logic applied for various different planes. If devs were to create a few categories it isn’t much work making a simple criteria for each one. Let’s keep them busy anyway! Lol.

Didn’t know about the reverse thrust aspect. But these are ideas being thrown around for inspiration’s sake to see how we can make the grading system better, not necessarily saying every single criteria on the list should included or applied to every soul that flies in the sim

Ahh I miss that humble old Space Shuttle too!

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I definitely agree that this system is not necessary on the casual server, for example. Maybe a whole new server is needed. Just sharing some thoughts/ideas to make the grading system better and actually mean something

There we go! Yes that would be awesome I think :) thanks for the support. It’s important to be able to have the system flexible enough to make it enjoyable for everyone.

@Trio made an additional suggestion that would make it more enjoyable for pilots of all levels. It also helps new pilots learn the ropes in aviation which is always cool.

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I often pull off 350 to 100 so it’s not impossible

I guess this new idea should be thought of as somewhat of a business…
Put it this way - what are the chances of you leaving secondary school and, the next morning, walking into Apple headquarters as the new CEO (no matter how much they need one)?
Probably zero.
Make that certainly.

Anyway, the typical way life works is by you entering a business at the bottom, as an apprentice or intern or whatever. You have to learn the ropes, build up your reputation and trust. You have to prove yourself. As you do so, you tend to perform better. This results in promotion, where the cycle restarts.

Now, apply this chain of logic to this new ranking system. See the similarities? It works, but newcomers will just have to be patient and willing to learn should they wish to enter the better servers with proper ATC etc.


Well I just read this and boy am I surprised.

Not to be rude or anything but I honestly 100% disagree with this kind of idea. Not only is it too strict, but it takes away the fun from flying. I have to worry about too many things: my lights, brakes, ect. It’s too much for me.

In addition, there are many exceptions to your proposed “rules”. SNA requires planes to climb out between +3000 and +3500fpm for noise abatement. Sometimes people will plan for +90 min reserve fuel and they end up using more than they expected because of headwinds.

Not only that, but as well, People forget stuff. I cannot count the number of times I have forgotten to turn my landing lights on for final approach, and I’ve also forgotten which side of the runway I’m using sometimes. Don’t ask.

So again, this seems like a good idea in hindsight, but it has WAY too many problems/restrictions/loopholes whatever you wanna call them. If this gets implemented (unlikely), then there are going to be MAJOR implications for people like me, and basically everyone else here who uses this app.

Plus I’m not gonna land perfectly every time just saying. I reset my personal worst on Saturday on that note.



People have different definitions of expert it seems.

What? I find it super embarrassing when I don’t follow basic rules, even if they can’t be enforced by ATC… it’s an expert server. Even without this you need to worry about all those things… the training server was made to help you train to become ready to fly on the expert server.

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No no no. I do those things, I’m just generalizing that following and/or memorizing all of that criteria is too much.

Your opinion is respected :)

I think it is good to at least start this conversation and see how it can work great for everyone. The IF staff have set up plenty of tutorials to show how to fly in IF but some people still don’t seem to watch them. This system would help pilots learn.

After a while it becomes second nature, no? Like playing basketball or any sport. Or driving.

I do agree the VS one is probably a bit too low/possibly not needed, but they’re just general suggestions to show what the idea could be not exactly what it should be.

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The grading system is always controversial and a topic of debate. It’s difficult to find that balance. It would just be good if people acknowledged fellow membership payers and behaved in a way fitting to the corresponding server. It’s a dream, maybe one day it will be realised.


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This sounds like a good idea, but this system would nit pick the little things you do wrong. For example, during windy conditions it’s hard to land smoothly, or maybe you accidentally disengaged autopilot during cruise. Sometimes you’re light in a heavy meaning you have a high vs ob takeoff. On short runways, brakes and reverse thrust is necessary. In heavy heavies, you will need a lot of power during takeoff and cruise. Sometimes IFATC gives you a tight intercept and won’t allow you to execute a missed approach, meaning you have to bank steeply. Also some of these would not be measurable.

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I actually really like this! However, infinite Flight is a mobile simulator. It’s not meant to compete with other flight sims like Prepar 3D, X-plane, etc. Adding all of these rules just wouldn’t making Infinite flight enjoyable, but a very intense, and cautious game. I myself wouldn’t fly on the expert if all of these rules were implemented into the game. We are not soldiers, but neither are we free roamers that can do whatever we want, but I just think some of these rules are a little strict. But hey, do I agree we should have a improved grading system? Heck yeah! But not this strict.

Also, soft touchdown between V/S -350, and -1?! that’s a little harsh. No pilot can excecute a perfect landing, there are different conditions in which an airliner can land, but what if you’re in a storm, and you land really rough? I mean we are not all experts… But I see what you mean here. I’ll see if I can free up a vote.


I feel like this is somthing you’ll find with infinite passengers also your asking a lot of someone to fly in that manner on a sim. If we had all that Id like to have some more advanced features. Like a bank angle warning and stuff.