Major revamp and transformation of the grading system

This has been discussed before, I know. I have also seen a lot of community members talking about pilots flying on expert server without following proper procedures, like it is their first time on a plane! They should not be on the expert server, but there they are.

How to fix it? Transforming the grading system. Instead of having Grade 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and etc, we have the school grades, like A, A-, B+, B, all the way down to F.

In order to be on the expert server, let’s say you would need to be at minimum a B+ pilot. How are the grades determined, you may ask? Easy. Making sure there is a feedback system in place during your flight, and points are deducted based on a pilots performance. Every flight starts with the maximum number of points you can earn, and the pilot’s job is to do the best he can to keep the maximum points.

So a grade A flight would mean the pilot has obtained good scores on all the criteria that need to be met to ensure procedures and protocol are respected. It would be up to the devs to determine what these criteria/procedures/actions would be and how much they would weigh in a final grade. An example of a set of criteria/procedures/actions can be:

(this does not have to be the exact list, it is an example)

  • Seat belt signs on before pushback
  • Taxiing at correct speed
  • Remaining on taxiway (did not taxi on grass) (should be weighed heavily)
  • Strobe lights and landing lights off during taxi
  • Strobe lights and landing lights switched on once on the runway (or cleared for takeoff).
  • Use of flaps during takeoff
  • Reasonable V/S during takeoff (1500-3000)
  • Respecting speed limit below 10,000
  • Appropriate N1% during cruise (75-85%)
  • Followed all ATC instructions
  • Correctly using UNICOM during all phases of a flight
  • No collision with other planes (should be weighed heavily)
  • Kept safe distance from other planes on the ground and in the air
  • Did not stall the plane (should be weighed heavily)
  • No crash (should be weighed heavily, obviously)
  • No aggressive maneouvers during flight (rapid bank and change in direction, or rapid change in plane attitude)
  • Good fuel planning
  • Correct takeoff weight
  • Appropriate landing weight
  • Good bank angle (banking below 45%)
  • Appropriate flight plan (maybe???)
  • Use of flaps during final approach
  • Landing lights on during approach (below 10,000ft)
  • Spoilers armed before landing
  • Soft landing (V/S between -350 and -1)
  • Use of reverse thrust on landing (did not use landing gear brakes above 60kts)
  • Use of brakes on landing (did not use reverse thrust below 60kts)
  • Clearing short line before requesting taxi to parking
  • Using brakes

(Again, I am not saying all these rules should be included, just giving a snapshot of what kind of criteria can be considered. Additionally, since there are different types of planes in the sim, the criteria can be adjusted for each category)

Is there anything else I could be missing in this criteria??

Anyway, pilots would receive a grade based on their performances in the above example criteria. The average grade of the pilot would then determine which server he/she will be allowed to fly on :). Of course, it does not necessarily have to be letter grades, numerical grades could work.

What do you guys think??

This kind of criteria would help make sure that the best pilots are on the expert server for sure, and if they make enough crucial mistakes, they lose access to the expert server until they complete enough excellent flights. Right now it is all based on landings and XP, which is in my opinion a bit easy. Let me know your thoughts!

An automatic ATC without human. Every error would be punished


Great idea, however I think it maybe too hard for enjoyment. I like a lot of the ideas, but I feel like a few should just be left for the more “hardcore” simmers.

Grades might also drop like flies if this was really implemented. Nonetheless, this is a good idea for increased realism!


Right? They wouldn’t all need to be included in the criteria, but just having some of them would make it great I think.

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Voting As Soon As I Have Votes :)


If i can have a free vote, i will vote for it. Very nice idea. As i always say, there are always solutions. What we need is some brainstorm. And this is one of those good ideas.


What would be the point of IFATC? 🤔


I voted for this, because one of my votes was including at least two years. I have decided to change that vote and choose this feature. I hope you will find more and more supporters. There can be some negative sides, i cannot foresee. But after all thoughts, we need a similar feature.

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Welp I’ll be the lowest grade 🤦🏼‍♂️


Business as usual. Everything happens as always. Then a grade sheet pops up when you end your flight.

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I like this topic, doesn’t XP determine all of that stuff though… Maybe XP could be somehow included in determining this system. Great idea tho


Imagine a real pilot saying he needs room for error.

You can get better ;) I always try to keep it between those two figures.

What about the pilots that are just starting to learn? I had no idea what to do when I first started flight simulation, and I would’ve failed half of these criteria already. I like flight simming because it is something I can enjoy and be laid back. I don’t know about others, but I don’t want my flight to be judged every step of the way, and to have to be always super serious and strict with myself. I think the violation system we have in place works well, punishing pilots with warning, and giving them time to correct mistakes.


Quite a lot of these are heavily dependant on the aircraft and seem just to be for airliners. For example in military aircraft in combat situations often an assault take off is used, the VS far exceeds 3000, and this is a realistic procedure used in real life, but now I would be having my grade lowered for doing it, and even losing access to servers. This would require different criteria being added for every single aircraft which is a huge amount of work.

Also, the rules for use of brakes are totally wrong. A lot of the time use of reverse thrust is discouraged, and at many airports even banned unless absolutely nessecarry, especially at night. In real life planes use brakes almost straight after touchdown, however, they are not as strong as in Infinite Flight, as we only have a parking brake.


I think you might be missing the point, for some casual server flyers, they want a more basic experience. It seems like a good idea but maybe only for some people or on expert server! Nice idea though!👍👍

To expand on your idea, I think this could be brought into tiers, with different pilot categories.

  • Tier 1: Casual Pilot
  • Tier 2: Training Pilot
  • Tier 3: Expert Pilot

Each tier would have the A, A-, B+, B-, B, all the way down to F. Once you reach an A in a certain tier for a set amount of time, you would then be upgraded to the next tier. Each tier would have different variabilities to obtain/keep your rank. Kind of like how the trust level system on the forum and the ATC rank system in-app, works. The only way you could be downgraded from a tier is by obtaining an F, otherwise you’re locked into that tier.

If you saw an Expert Pilot in the sky, you’d know they actually earned it!


My opinion as a grade 5/4/5/4/5 depending on regular use……

I agree 100% that it would be nice to see the grading system changed in such a way to make the expert server more inaccessible to those who misbehave and don’t follow the proper procedure and as it currently stands, grade level definitely does not reflect skill. The grade system change is a good idea in principal however I can’t vote for this one as a grading system based on these factors will potentially start removing enjoyment from each flight as you would be concentrating too much on getting all of these correct for fear of losing grade. I follow all of those methods above anyway just by course and flying on it for so long but it could make it too intense. In effect it could turn each flight into an exam and lose focus on the idea of Infinite Flight – to ultimately enjoy it and have fun. Also, if you fancy doing a flight on casual and, for example, testing out a new aircraft to the max in a quiet area with no other users, it will effect that as well.

This could be a good idea if it was split between servers and, for example, implemented only on expert. A happy balance would be needed 😊

I like it but it could be more nuanced, like my post above yours suggests, and less straight forward.

I think this should only apply on the training and expert server. Casual should be casual.

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I think the grading system would work well for the higher server levels where you really start putting your skills to the test. Might warrant a new server level but the point is to bring different levels of enjoyment for everyone. Rules could get more strict with higher server levels. Personally I watched and read a bunch of tutorials before even getting on a plane and flying solo for a while lol