Major problems with global update

The main problems that have occurred to me so far are:

  • hills become transparent and allow runways to look like they’re ahead of you when there is a hill obstruction.
  • f 18 stall and roll stays spinning vertically at the same altitude and spot
  • round texture doesn’t load sometimes


Image of transparent mountain looking at the airplane through the mountain

Real view

Approach view

Hey, there are multiple topics on this, make sure check those out ;)

1.) The transparent hills are a known issue which is being worked on

2.) What was your altitude and speed when this occurred?

3.) Check your WiFi connection and try to restart your WiFi

Thanks for contacting #support


This is a known issue:

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Sorry guys I didn’t know it was already announced. At least these pictures offer more detail. Also the other issue I stated is useful too

The issue is because we draw airport after everything else regardless of hills and what not; this is to avoid an issue known as z-fighting

We will fix it, not a high priority at the moment (focusing on stability and server issues).