Major Pet Peeve

This isn’t a complaint about Infinite Flight itself; rather, about the community. Particularly on Instagram, I’m not quite sure why every person feels it necessary to reply to other comments/posts with things like “Head to the forum to request!” or “They‘ve already addressed this [topic] previously.” You don’t look cool, it’s just plain annoying. Nobody cares.

If I was a (hypothetically) interested customer in downloading IF, I’d be completely turned off by how I see middle schoolers trying to dictate The “correct way” to post on a social media comment section. I would move on from IF in a heartbeat. How the heck am I supposed to know if the IF Developers have addressed something if I’ve never even downloaded the app/looked at the page before?

There’s a place for the formal structure on this forum, and hats off to those who try to help maintain that structure. But Instagram? Really? It doesn’t belong there, and frankly, you’re probably costing IF some customers, and costing the rest of us additional realism.

I’ll always be a fan and customer of IF, but do we really want to present the community as a dictatorship to others? No. The more people flying in the app, the more realistic it becomes, so leave the harsh responses and need for structure to within the forum where people actually understand how this stuff operates.



Nice that you are back.

So your saying that people asking when the update is coming, and me saying “Hi! Infinite Flight do not give us reelease dates, unfortunately. But they have said it is coming this soring” is annoying? Sorry if I misinterpreted.

No. When people say “They’ve announced this multiple times before, go see the forum or development timeline for more details,” it’s annoying. Not everyone is as kind/respectful as the response you just made!

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Oh, ok, yes, I have seen the type you mean.


Agreed. I find the comments section of IF’s Instagram page highly annoying.


We appreciate your feedback, as we, as a group of people, are always striving to improve. However, I’d like some insight into the complaints you mention today.

We have an intention of being helpful, and bringing people together. For example, I saw someone asking for the Turkish 787 to be added into the game. So, the logical thing that I did was give the commenter a link to the feature request here on the forum. It’s the least I can do to be helpful, sorry if you thought that was annoying in any way, shape, or form. I want to help him get what he wants, and really, there’s nothing wrong with that.

This is the purpose of the forum itself, for developers and moderators, as well as the community, to help out everyone and share a passion, that being aviation. We are trying to direct people to the forum since there are a multitude of resources that can help the commenter out. You don’t know, what if the person doesn’t know of the forum’s existence? This forum is such a great resource.

How are we costing additional realism? We are frankly trying to help out people that are curious in multiple fields. Instagram is another social platform, and directing them to numerous resources is an effort to be helpful. Not sure how that costs IF customers either.

Not trying to be harsh, but this community is indeed a place where people can understand how this stuff operates. Feel free to browse the #announcements or #tutorials categories to see how we can help you.

If you have a complaint or concern, feel free to message a moderator or dev. No need to complain about it in public. That, in my mind, hurts the number of IF customers more than a simple piece of help on Instagram.

If you want to discuss this further, feel free to PM me or a moderator. I’d love to talk about this.


I think it’s just that the IF always mentions or always gives an answer. But there are also those who claim that even though they have no idea about it. I would also ignore people if there was an insult

This is the kind of response I’m talking about.

There is NOTHING wrong with this response on the forum itself, but the responses made on social media platforms that follow this sort of nature are annoying. Again, if I was a potential IF user and saw comments like this when checking out their Instagram page, I would likely turn away thinking the community was more like a cult than a collection of AvGeeks.



🤔 Not sure where you are coming from… not sure how this is annoying? Please explain.

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I understand what your seeing and hearing. Unfortunately comment sections are free to anyone to say anything they want within social media guidelines. As this can be a bit annoying, I’d just move on and ignore it. People try to direct others to the forum to help them out but sometimes it can come off differently.


Awesome! I’m glad you’re being helpful. Unfortunately, I doubt you alone are responsible for every comment on their social media page.


I aggree with you! We are trying to point people in the right direction.

This is a fictional situation
Potential Customer): I would buy the app but why no easyJet A321? I will buy if you add it.
One of us: here you go! [inserts a link]! Vote for this on the IFC to help support this reauest.

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You have a point but also there’s no reason to say this.

I agree. Hopefully those who like to be “Infinite Flight Police” will see this though.

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Thanks for the feedback! Instagram is a wild beast sometimes and can be tough to tame, but overall we do appreciate all the community members that help out in the comments clarifying things and letting people know where to access information.