Major performance issues after 19.2/cancelled navigation data update

I want to report a major performance breakdown I‘m experiencing at the moment. First of all, here is my device data:

iPad Pro (12.9, 3rd Gen [late 2018]), 256GB (~150GB free)
iOS 12.3.1
IF Build 19.02.01
Stable internet connection via WiFi

Since I became really active in Live Mode last year in June (on my old 9.7 iPad Pro back then) I never experienced a crash or freeze, no performance issues and I never had to clear my scenery cache. After the cancelled navigation database update I had my first ever IF crash during a long haul flight (really made me wondering, but I mean one time doesn’t matter), shortly after three other (long haul) flights ended mid air and the app closed and restarted, two other flights simply freezed and the app closed automatically after ~15sec, last time just minutes ago.

Steps I took trying resolve the issues:

  • cleared scenery cache
  • restarted device (multiple times)
  • checked if newest version of iOS and IF are installed
  • checked WiFi connection
  • reinstalled IF after completely deleting it in Settings

I optimized my graphic settings and activated limited frame rate. Nevertheless my iPad should be able to run highest settings without any issues as it did before the update, I mean I can’t get a better device as of now. I have to say I did not experience any FPS drops or graphic issues in the XCub or busy environments though.

I‘m not blaming anyone and will wait patiently for help, this thread should be some type of report to provide the best info I have at the moment. If anyone has similar issues or tips to resolve those, please reply below.


I’ve also experienced a lot of lag and crashes lately after 19.2, even when i turned my graphic settings all the way down to the lowest, this is most likely my device but it did not lag or crash this often before 19.2.


Same here, my device could run highest settings until this update started feeling laggy…

The difference here is that your device is not the most high performing and can not beexpected to be able to run everything on highest. This device is @Allen_Lu

@Mats - Sorry to hear. We’re discussing amongst ourselves what the root cause to your issue might be. We’ll get back to you!


Continuing via PM