Major Issues - Flight Plan

I dont know if I have enough fuel to continue to my destination because the two mao types are giving me different readings I am ready to divert because I just dont know.

Hey there!
The 18 mins to KFWA is from the waypoint 4103N/8829W. Once you reach that waypoint, you will have 18 minutes to go until KFWA. :)

#support is for issues with the app. This isn’t an issue, hence why @schyllberg and I have been moving it to #general.

Hi, @MrMrMan, why when I switch to the map FPL does that switch to 38 minutes?

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In the bottom part of the HUD, where you can customize what you see, there is an option for “ETE to Dest.” That will tell you the total flight time until you reach your destination. 38 mins is about the total time to get to your destination.


In the second and third pic you are seeing both ETE and Cum ETE. In the first only ETE (segment length) is shown. ETE is consistent between the two views.

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Bahahaha, got it, I didn’t even see that lol Shame on me 😊. Thank you both.


Happy to help! :)

If you have not already checked it out, then use Simbrief as this will produce the flight plan and accurately tell you how much fuel you will need.


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